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Adding a Real Debrid account to your Kodi setup

The Real Debrid service was primarily started as a solution for sites that offer premium download links or free, slow downloads for free. Now there are far to many of these sites to have an account with each and you may not come across the same site again so it would be wasted. So Real Debrid and sites like it offer an account that covers many of these types of sites and therefore download links all under one service and for not a great deal of money.

So where does this fit in with Kodi?

Well, some addon developers know the benefits of these type of sites that offer unrestricted download speeds and good uploads and storage on the developers side. So some addons have the ability to not only give you the normal links all users would see, but also extra links given by access through your Real Debrid account and these are often HD links and also often have 5.1 sound as well (not always though). A good example of this kind of addon is Salts.

Other addons like Release Hub for example give very few links for a particular movie for example but rely on Real Debrid accounts for the majority of its links, especially HD ones.

Signing up for an account is easy and there’s much more info available across at the Real Debrid site which is here

Once you’ve created your account you can incorporate it into kodi. Here’s a quick guide using Release Hub as an example.

  • Go to your video addons
  • Scroll to Release hub and bring up your context menu


  • Now select Resolver settings and it will take you into the reslover lists


  • Browse to the Real Debrid resolver and enable the login (off by default)


  • You can now enter your username and password which you created on the Real Debrid site. Click the ok tab and you done.

Now when you use the addon you will see the additional links the account gives.

Without an account –


With an account –


So as you can see the difference being signed into an account makes!

I will stress however that not every link will work, they do get taken down, deleted by the site or just malfunction at times but you’ll generally get decent results and if it’s HD and 5.1 links your after in my opinion it’s well worth it.

Most of the addons in The Entertainment Repository have Real Debrid resolvers, as do Salts, Specto, 1channel/Primewire and there’s quite a few more!

It’s an option that few people seem to know about so there’s some info to get you thinking about it.

(Also bear in mind some links may be UK blocked but will work with VPN much the same as any normal addon)

Need help with a VPN or DNS please click HERE

Lots of people asking about pricing so here’s the subscription prices from the official Real Debrid site

Click HERE to buy


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  1. I signed up for 15 days. When the Real Debrid links come up in Genesis, none of them work. I doubled checked the password in the URL resolver and in Genesis to no avail. I tried Icefilms and SALTS, same thing. Nothing. In Icefilms I get a notification that says Real Debrid login successful, when I select the RD links it gets to “working” and the stops every time….Any suggestions….

    1. You can ask for a refund but only if you think it’s worth the 5 dollars for some guy to try and insult you for pointing out that their service doesn’t work.

  2. Wow!!! That’s terrible…I’ve not had any problems and therefore not had to deal with the support team (thankfully by the sounds of it). What I will say is that I use RD with the addons from the ‘Mr Entertainment’ Repo and it’s works fine for me. I find for the few euros it costs I get decent good quality links.
    Also bear in mind that more addons are starting to use services lol RD and Premiumize and some of the top addons will be using them for most of not all links for their HD content. Hope that helps and maybe try Premiumize if you’ve cancelled your Real Debrid subscription (they pretty much cover the same hosters I think).

  3. Hi Wayne,

    I had two issues going on….At first Url Resolver did not have the “Ask for Authorization When Needed” toggle but that has been updated (version 2.10.8) and now has the toggle.

    Then I got help in tvaddons forum. The issue was advanced settings xml file. Here is the exact message:

    “Apparently on some platforms setting the cache size too high can lead to this issue. You can still use it if you lower the value you were using”

    I had mine set to the max. Real Debrid link started working after that without any issue. The Real Debrid support was responsive within 12 hours, but they are reluctant to help with Kodi related issues.

  4. Firstly sorry for my late replies, I’ve not had much time to myself lately! Glad you seem to have sorted out the issues you were having and hopefully you get some good results with it now and thanks for updating us with how you resolved the issues

    1. Dumb question but here goes. I signed up for a RD account and was able to enter that information into the Genesis settings where it asks for username and password. I see many RD hosts listed when searching but none of them work. Now the dumb part, I have yet to be asked for any sort of payment information and not even sure how to handle that. Does the resolver return the links even if I haven’t actually paid for the service yet?

  5. No such thing as a dumb question my friend…your quite right that it’s due to you not having made any payment. Signing up to the real debrid site/service is free, but you then need to go to the premium section and pay for one of the subscriptions. After doing so your RD links will work (you may still get dead links here and there or links that may be blocked by your isp, much the same as normal links. Just fyi)

  6. Isn’t there a way to enter your RD information into the Kodi settings where RD will work with multiple addons like IPTV Stalker?

    1. Apologies for the very late reply. If you’ve not already found out, the real debrid is set in general resolver settings (addons like release hub have this settings option). Once set it covers most addons that use RD links, although I believe some addons require adding your account in the ‘addon settings’ of the particular addon

  7. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies on Kodi so I signed up for a paid subscription with RealDebrid. It seems to work pretty well and provides many additional links. I was not sure what type of links we are permitted to enter on their site so I sent an email to support asking about this and the reply was “if you don’t know, you don’t need our service.” I was taken back by these comments…what is going on?

    1. As I keep hearing, their customer service is excellent lol
      Links that can be entered on the site vary but for example -if you go to let’s say the Scene-rls website and see links for a film (let’s use rapidgator for example), you can click the link to download the movie, this will take you to a free rapidgator link with pop ups and a slow download speed as its a free link. Now if you paste the rapidgator link into the box on RD site (I believe they now do a browser addon to makes things easier) it starts the download with a premium link with messing about and at full speed, rather than the slow speed on a free link.
      Hope that helps

  8. I am in the same boat as the above poster Michael Thompson — my d/l speed varies from 5.17 to 5.21Mbps — I try where available to pick Medium Quality to help with buffering — at least I think so as I am an old man who is not very good on computers — Would having a real debrid account help with buffering — I had signed up for a free account but could not get passed the screen to enter the server from the list to the left hand (1Fichler) I believe and the others– there seems to be no help from Real Debrid at all — Thanks and I hope that my query is responded to

  9. Once again apologies for the very late reply guys.
    Real debrid will not help with download speed or buffering caused by a slow connection. What it does is give links that are from good quality servers so come at a good speed from the host end. Now this may be let down by the connection your end being slow and if you already have to use medium quality links to compensate them I’d say real debrid would be a waste for you as it tends to provide more high quality and hd links.
    Hope this helps and unless you can get better internet service or speed is say no to RD

  10. hi all, I have just purchased a real debrid subscription, authorised it and tried it with exodus, velocity and salts. i can see the links but none of them work. very frustrating. the working icon spins momentarily and then just stops.
    seems to me like someone is making a lot of money out of something which doesnt work very well if at all. any ideas? thanks!

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