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Snooper’s Charter protect yourself

Snooper's Charter

Snooper’s Charter

Please read the below! Some will see this as important information and others may think it’s nothing to worry about, but we think it’s certainly worth advising our readers.

Mass surveillance by the government has been one of the most discussed topics ever since former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, revealed the mass data collection by federal agencies.

Federal agencies over the years have secretly collected and logged our browser histories, websites visited, account passwords, and email activity, and use the information to build the profile of the individual.

The collected metadata is stored for more than a year, the absurdness of this culture is that the information will be collected whether the individual is a person of interest in an investigation or not.

Long-written petitions and call for government to stop the massive hacking of its citizens has fallen on deaf ears after the UK and US governments have all passed different laws that will give intelligence agencies, ISPs, mobile carriers, and messaging apps the legal authority to hack anybody without warrant.

This law recently brought into play allows ISPs to store browsing history and domains visited for one year. If you want protection, for the sake of a small amount of money per month, we recommended using a VPN. Our preferred VPN of choice is IPVanish VPN. You don’t have to use them, but IPVanish VPN has proved the best for us on testing and is a zero log VPN provider which is needed to combat the new legislations.

Rule 41

Starting from the 1st of Dec, the U.S has passed a law that will allow the FBI and intelligence agencies to legally hack any suspicious computer or internet connection. The agencies will only need the warrant from one federal judge, possibly ask a federal judge that would make it easiest for them.

Before Rule 41, the agencies could only search computers located in the district where the federal judge granted the warrant.



Snooper’s Charter

The Snooper’s Charter is the UK version of Rule 41. The investigatory power act was signed by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on November 29th, and it’s a privacy invader act.

Ignoring the privacy and civil rights of its citizen, the government allows surveillance of its citizens. The data collected are not limited to only browser histories, but also information that could be used to build a profile on citizens of the UK.

The government has said the act is necessary because it will curb domestic terrorism in the UK, and therefore needs to collect all necessary and unnecessary information.


How Do You Save Yourself From Government Harassment?

Now that it has been established that the government has been gathering information about its people, citizens should strive to protect themselves and loved ones from the prying eyes of the government.

The best way to do this, without looking over your shoulder or breaking the bank is by using one of the most recommended VPN software out there.

IPVanish VPN is a fine piece of software that was developed by people that also care about giving the public 100% online privacy.

IPVanish VPN will protect you from the Snooper’s charter and Rule 41, so whether you are in the US or UK, this VPN is a zero-log VPN, which means it will hide your web activity from your ISP and government. So, your ISP and the government can see you are using the internet, but won’t have access to what you are looking at.

IPVanish VPN is also on mobile to protect anyone from snooping at your mobile activities. It is user friendly, allows torrenting, and allows for unlimited server switching between cities and countries. We have arranged for you to get up to 60% off discount using coupon code KODICOM, which brings the monthly cost to as low as $4.87/mo.


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You never know who is watching unless you use a VPN to protect yourself!


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