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10 Best Movies Addons for Kodi May 2018

Best Movies Addons for Kodi May 2018

10 Best Movies Addons for Kodi May 2018

All there who are looking out to stream varying types of movies or any other kind of content to enjoy. Here we are for your assistance to provide the best available Kodi add-ons that you would love to enjoy during May-2018. For finalizing our collection of Kodi add-ons, we have gathered data from multiple repositories.

Kodi users are always in search of add-on that can provide them increased content to fulfill their desire to watch variety. There are many add-ons available but some of these add-ons are also going out of availability or become obsolete and hence not favorable as per required content. Try the add-ons listed in the below paragraphs that will definitely help you unlock newest abilities for your Kodi tour.

By using these add-ons, you will be entering into the world of movies, music, series, videos, sports, cartoons with no end. All these add-ons are those developed by third parties and come with copyright content. So let`s start our trip to the road leading to 10 best movies add-ons for Kodi for May 2018.

Salts Addon for Movies 

This add-on means that you can enjoy content from all streaming sources. Being a popular Kodi add-on, it allows streaming of movies from multiple directions. It scrapes various links and gives highly reliable content from higher quality resources. This add-on is from a trustworthy source and hence the content is the one you can rely upon for enjoyment. The unique thing about Salts is offering 2 options for users. One is paid whereas other is free. Paid service is called Real Debrid allowing users to enjoy high-quality videos. The free option is best for users who do not want to spend money. In either case, you will get HD content to watch.     

UK Turks Playlists 

Another add-on worth using is the UK-TURK Playlists. This will elongate your entertainment session. There are loads of choices for watching movies. This is an all-in-one add-on where not only movies but also series & music are available without any quality compromise. This stand-alone Kodi add-on is working perfectly fine and is known to be among most stable Kodi add-ons that are updated daily. If you have UK TURK in your add-ons list you can choose from endless options for CCTV, Radio, movies, cartoons, stand-up comedy, concerts, fitness and much more.   


Covenant has undergone many changes and now it is finally available with exciting content. Last demanded version was released in July 2017. There are several reasons for which this new add-on is preferable. It has the same impressive functionality just like its predecessor Exodus and is grabbing new features as it is updated.

123 Movies

123 Movies is located in the Mucky Ducks Repo. It allows you to watch your favorite movies content in an excellent and eye catchy picture quality from various resources. The layout of 123 Movies addon is very simple and decent but nice with Movies, TV Shows, Favorites, and settings.

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Another source of enjoying content including movies is the Nemesis. This will lead you to the streaming services of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime. This is the best solution that has cross-platform features. It is paid as it supports websites that are paid. By getting access to above-mentioned services, you can indirectly get access to unlimited movies streaming over these services. This add-on is a legal yet interesting way of connecting to paid accounts.   


One of the interesting services for Kodi users is the USTV Now. It is mainly designed for military men but can also be accessed by expatriates after getting paid subscription. Once you get it there is a vast world operating inside it. You can enjoy content from over 28 cable stations and DVR services. Unlimited DVR can also be accessed by paying out per month rate of $39. If you have USTV Now, you will have easy access to thousands of movies along with TV shows.  


MetalliQ add-on is a library for enjoying movies free on your Kodi. This is a wonderful add-on. MetalliQ is legal and that is the best part of it. It is a library for free online videos from Sony. It offers a wide variety of films that are Sony licensed. You can call it a powerhouse of Sony movies that comes with high-quality content for movies like if you have MetalliQ, you can enjoy action films like Bad Boys 2, boxing movies, comedy movies, animated movies and many other types.     

Snag Films

Snag Films is the famous film & TV distribution Co that acts similar to business model Film Rise. This company acquires TV licenses and movies licenses and offers large amounts of content that is all free online. It has a smaller library but this library carries more than 5,000 movies along with large numbers of TV shows. Here content is all free and legal.    


Pop Corn operates similar to the Tubi TV but it is free for use and it is a movie streaming service, which allows downloading, and installation free. This add-on is great for movies and TV shows and provides other similar content all in high quality. There are less-common divisions as well as those defined into Asian action, Factory TV, Bro Movies etc.


An add-on for movies also contains TV shows. It is very popular in the community for pirated streams. It gathers data from multiple sources and offers it to its users for use.

If you want to enjoy real content on your Kodi in the form of movies of any genre, go for any of these add-ons. You will unlikely to be disappointed. So, go through these add-ons and select one for you.

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