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Best Kodi Addons for Movies and Live TV Streaming

Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Best Kodi Addons for Movies and Live TV Streaming

There are many Best Kodi Addons for Movies out there, but some of the add-ons listed here are some of the best add-ons you want to include in your Kodi apps to enjoy the app in its entirety. If you use a build then most builds should have the top Addons for Kodi already installed. But when using a build you are always relying on the build creator to have the best Kodi Addons installed.

But there’s always new Addons getting created and also Addons that you may like that’s not on the build. Some Addons to Get 4K Kodi Movie addons you may need Real Debrid account. It’s not essential to use the addons but there’s is a benefit from having it for sure. So if you haven’t heard of these Kodi addons try them it only take a few minutes to install. So lets get started and have a goo read of some of the Best Kodi Addons for Movies available.

Best Movies Addons for Kodi 17

The Addons are not arranged in a particular order, if we have missed anyone out wasn’t intentional you can drop us an email.

1# More Power

Install More Power on Kodi

  • More Power: This is one of the best Kodi add on, and it’s been on there since it was XMBC. More Power allows you to watch pretty much anything from the old James Bond movies, to the most recent movies.

More Power provides Dolby surround movies in 1080p crystal HD 5.1 surround sound, this is why it attracts me personally, I love watching the best quality I can when streaming and MorePower is the only place to go to for this. To use the 4K movies section I think you need a Real Debrid account if you do click HERE.

2# 1Channel

1 Channel: This allows you to watch over 60,000 movies uploaded by different users. Also known as primewire, the primary focus of this add-on is for movie lovers. This great Kodi addon has been around for years. Depending on what country you live in this could be geo-blocked etc only solution is a VPN if you have one its definitely worth trying. The add-on though has between 9,000-11,000 TV series.

3# Exodus

Exodus: Exodus is that awesome app Netflix would wish never existed on Kodi. It allows you to search for movies, TV shows or even search by the name of an actor or an actress in the movie.

Exodus add-on initially was said to contain a lot of dead links since Lamda departure, but in recent updates all seems to be fixed. You can watch your movies or shows in 1080p, HD or low version depending on your preference.
This is an awesome addon if you don’t have it installed its certainly worth adding. If you have Real Debrid you will notice a huge difference in the quality of streams you get. If you need Real Debrid please click HERE.

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4# Specto

Specto: Genesis used to be one of the best Kodi/XBMC add-on, then it was overtaken due to many dead links on the add-on, and it all went south.

Specto came into the scene of add-ons, and it was better than what Genesis used to be. It has links working for you to stream movies and TV anytime. Another top addon you need on your device, its another that benefits massively from Real Debrid. If you need a Real Debrid account please click HERE.

5# Salts

Salts: When Genesis was going away, Salts came through as a great alternative, and had since remained on top of its add-on game on Kodi.
Salts is the abbreviation for “Stream All The Sources,” which basically means it scrapes all sources for your TV series shows and movies, and you can always select the better add-on with better quality. This is another that benefits very well from Real Debrid. If you need a Real Debrid account please click HERE.

6# 1080p Movies

1080p Movies If you have pretty good internet, and can’t stand to watch your movies in anything less than 1080p, then this is the add-on you will need to enjoy your movie times. This app is from the Dandy Media repository, it has movies from 2015-2016, Top Movies and Latest movies and a 1 click play.

7# Velocity

Velocity: This allows you to stream family friendly movies on Kodi. The add-on allows you to watch TV and movies from different sources. Velocity addon is certainly one up there with the best available in Kodi. This add-on also allows for Trakt integration which is an amazing app to use well worth looking at.

8# UK Turks Playlists

UK Turks Playlists: Steadily gaining momentum on a daily basis is the UK Turks playlist add-on. The add-on allows you to stream TV shows, movies with a simple to use interface. From Comedy, Documentaries, Sport, Live TV, Cartoon’s, Concert’s & Fitness and many more. UK Turks addon is certainly a one stop shop for Kodi users. UK Turk never stops updating his addon for users he’s certainly one of the hardest working developers.

9# 123 Movies

123 MOVIES: This is an amazing add-on that allows you to watch the movies and TV shows. This add on allows you to search the movies by title, movies with most ratings or TOP IMDB movies.
The plugin is continuously updated to improve its functionality. 123 Movies is certainly very good but it can be up and down at times. 123Movies is one worth having but remember sometimes it may be down.

10# BOB

BOB: This addon is a collection of different people maintaining different channel to provide links to TV shows, movies and more. Recently, two of the strongest channel providers from Phoenix left. Blue and Valhalla left the group, and team up with another former developer Costa and the birth brings BOB.

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With Bob you can stream TV shows and movies, it has an amazing collection for such a recent addon. We feel Bob will certainly grow in the coming month, definitely worth adding. This is another one stop shop Kodi addon with an amazing selection. If you like your Sport on Kodi this addon has some amazing streams, but we would recommend using a VPN. The streams they provide are acestreams which a VPN is definitely required if you need a VPN click HERE. If you have a VPN then great or look for one online but certainly use one if you used there acestreams links.

11# Zen now called Elysium

Elysium: For the lovers of Exodus, Elysium is the new Exodus add-on with more settings, and different sections you can save your favourites TV shows and movies, called my list. You can stream both TV shows and movies on Elysium, and also can choose from the different servers list to stream from.

12# Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter: Like to see a new movie release? Love to watch movies in 4k? Spy hunter is a great add-on to have on your Kodi app.
The silent hunter plays movies at an instance, without having to let you go through server list.

13# Picasso

Picasso: Though its new, it’s been compared to late great Phoenix after a developers from the old Evolve team came together came together to make this add-on.
It also allows you to stream movies, TV shows and plenty more, just like you have it in Phoenix. Picasso Kodi addon has grown pretty rapidly over the last few months. If you are after a one stop shop addon for Kodi this is certainly worth adding it covers everything you’ll need.

14# Scene Pepper

Scene Pepper: Is a great addon from Mucky Duck. Scene Pepper contains lots of media and content to browse in some great categories. The addon is very easy to navigate and it’s honestly a brilliant addon and very underrated. It has the option of quality which is great if you have poor broadband.

15# HD Box

HD BOX: Like the 1080p add-on, HD Box does the same thing, it allows you to watch movies in 1080P.
All movies on this channel are all in HD. It probably won’t have the movie you are searching for at the moment, if there is no HD version of the movie.

if you love to see your movies in HD, HD Box will make it worthwhile.

16# BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer: This add-on allows you to watch shows that are aired on BBC. If there is a TV series or shows airing on BBC, then you can also watch it via the iPlayer app.

BBC iplayer is a must have if you love watching BBC, but to use this add-on, you will need a proxy. If you cant access BBC iplayer due to your location you’ll need a VPN please click HERE.

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17# Project M

Project M: This add-on stream movies, TV shows in full HD and also 4k movies. Though the app is not mainstream, but if seeing your movies or TV show in 4k is your preference, Project M should be your sidekick.

18# Stream Army

Stream Army: The stream army is another Kodi add-on to watch movies and tv shows. Like Project M, Stream Army also allows you to watch 4k movies.

19# Pubfilms

Pubfilms: This add-on allows you to watch movies, Tv series on Kodi. The contents are in HD format, and you can watch movies either by genre or the year.

20# Fine And Dandy

Fine and Dandy: This is a good add-on to add to your collection if you love seeing your movies in 720p, 1080p and 4k.
It is a reliable add-on with working links.

21# Real Movies

Real Movies: I know this guy well and his addon is amazingly good and well thought through. The developer constantly is updating his addon to give you users the best in HD quality movies. Real Movies have old school movies classics, Disney Collection, 3D Movies section, Comedy and Box Sets.

Real Movies also has a great 4K movies section but you do need a Real Debrid Account. If you don’t have one please click HERE.

22# Sancturay

Sanctuary: Well this addon is excellent it doesn’t just have an amazing Movies and TV show section. Sanctuary has 3D, 4K Movies, Search and 1080p section which is rammed packed. It also covers sport, music, documentaries, kids and a lot more. If you are wanting one addon that covers it all this is certainly one we would recommend is packed.

23# White Devil

White Devil: This is another one stop shop addon, its has everything we are sure most users will need. White Devil covers so much from Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids, Music, Sports, Documentaries, Audiobooks and a lot more. The Guys that work on White Devil always keep updating with the latest stuff so its definitely one to add to your collection.

We hope you enjoy this list we feel these are some of the Best Kodi Addons for Movies currently available. We will try and keep our Best Movies Addons for Kodi 17 up to date for you all. Hope you all enjoy there’s a great selection of Kodi best Movie addons for you.

Remember one thing this Addon is not related with kodi.tv and is a third party Kodi Addon. Please don’t post any question related to this Addon on official Kodi forum(forum.kodi.tv). If you face any kind of problem in installing Movies and Live TV Streaming then feel free to contact us.

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