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How to install Aqua Build On Kodi

install aqua build

Install The AQUA Build

Welcome to a guide to install the Aqua build, it is my first published build and my intentions when creating it where to make it both easy to use and somewhat pleasing to look at. Since then it has been updated many times as i learn more about creating builds and modifying skins. This build is very light (280mb unzipped) and will therefore work very well on any device.

Firstly here are some screenshots of my build.movievids

Install Aqua Build Kodi:

There is no need to install on a fresh clean Kodi/SPMC because of the new fresh start option on the new Community Wizard, also with the save data option you won’t need to sign into your debris or trakt account and also save your favorites.

  • Select System/ File manager/ Add source/ None
  • Enter the url http://thecommunityrepo.esy.es/zip and click done.
  • In the lower box enter a name, Comrepo is fine now click done and ok.
  • Return to your home screen and select System/ Addons
  • Select Install from zip file/ Comrepo(or what you have named it)/ Then click on the available zipfile.
  • In a moment you will see community repository enabled
  • Select Install from repository/ The Community Repository/ Program addons/ Community Wizard/ And click Install
  • In a moment you will see wizard enabled
  • Return to home screen, select Programs/ Community Wizard -=CR=-AQUA
  • With the new Community Wizard you are given the option to do a fresh start build, meaning you don’t need to wipe any previous set up, also with the save data option you can save things like details of a debris or trakt account and even your favorites.
  • After the build is finished installing you will be asked to force close Kodi, press ok. And also pn  android device’s or firestick’s press ok, with the new Community Wizard there is no longer a need to pull the power cord, simply click ok.
  • I would now recommend going to the System menu and in the submenus you will see cleaning tools, clean everything and when asked force close Kodi.
  • With the new Community Wizard the wizard takes care of clearing the cache and purge packages for you automatically. You can also go into the settings and set when you want the Wizard to clean your Kodi, Once a week should be enough.
  • Very important to remember to always allow the widgets to populate on the opening screen every time you start the build before using it, otherwise they may not appear at all.
  • AQUA is now ready, I really hope you enjoy.
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Here are some more screenshots:tvshokidsplay


Now when you install The Aqua Build from the Community Wizard when there s a new update available you will get an on screen notification as shown in the following image, this will appear when you open Kodi and a new update has been uploaded, simply click Fresh Install and you will have the latest version of Aqua. Remember you can always access the settings in Community Wizard and make sure your Realdebrid, Trakt and Favorites are all saved.


Here are some images of the inner skin:Screenshot_2016-08-13-00-27-05Screenshot_2016-08-13-00-25-35

And one final thing, I now have my very own Add-on so of course I had to give it it’s very own section, It’s an Add-on for motorsports fans with replays of a vast amount of motoring types. I particularly hope you enjoy this section. Here’s an image of the section.motor

I really do hope you enjoy using AQUA and if you ever have any questions or comments I am always happy to help, and of course feedback is always very welcome.

Thank you,




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