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ARB All In One KODI Build v5.2.1, amazing KODI experience 2016 – Review & How to install

ARB All In One KODI Build

ARB All In One KODI Build

Not sure this still working if you have found this page please click this link for newer builds HERE

ARB All in One Build is one of my favorite builds on KODI and it’s latest update continues the awesome recipe he used: clean build, working addons, category simplicity and wide compatibility. It’s an awesome family build, concentrated on the best content for all family members: Sports, Movies, TV Shows, IPTV, Kids, Music are the main categories with excellent choices and always updated stuff!

Install instructions:

  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://archive.org/download/arbrepo/ and click DONE
  4. Enter a name for the source, let’s say Arbrepo and click Done and then OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Select ADDONS
  8. Select the red icon labeled Arbrepo
  9. Select repository.arbrepo.XXX.zip
  11. Select ARB Repo Repository
  13. Select ARB UPDATER
  14. Once it’s downloaded go to HOME and select PROGRAMS
  15. Select the ARB UPDATER
  16. Select ARB ALL IN ONE INSTALL (or the FIRESTICK VERSION if on Firestick)
  17. When finished click on OK and unplug the external device from power or click YES, FORCE CLOSE if on windows.
  18. Congrats, you have successfully installed the ARB All In One build!
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  1. Thanks for making the above video.. I just have one quick question that is~what about the IPTV section? I’m a newbie & have recently installed the ARB, AIO Build & on the initial run it asks you to choose at least one client. No-one covers this part in any of their videos, so any information you could provide would be most appreciated!

    Thanking you in advance!!

  2. Kindly disregard previous comment/question. Thank-you! (feeling pretty foolish at the present moment~been suffering sleep deprivation & I didn’t see IPTV section earlier):

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