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Best Kodi Fitness Workout Addons 2018

Kodi Fitness Workout Addons 2018

Kodi Fitness Workout Addons 2018

Kodi is mainly famous for Movies and other entertaining videos, but you can also find some other categories as well in the Kodi media center. To keep things short, here we are talking about Fitness Kodi addons that are rich with workout and Gym videos. These are the addons that have nothing but a free access to fitness and workout content with videos available in the great picture quality.

Everyone loves to be smart and get a beach body. Kodi users have an additional advantage due to the availability of add-ons that offer fitness content. If you have gained weight and now you think you need to shed some pounds to get back to shape, you need something more than internet provided fitness content.

Kodi is a great media platform for setting a perfect fitness routine. This media will definitely help you to get back into shape. We have searched the add-ons available for Kodi that are specifically designed with respect to Kodi. We have gathered a list of the best Kodi add-ons for workout and fitness.    

As compared to searching the internet for finding great content, you can find many add-ons as described in the following details. All of these add-ons are taken from different categories for fitness & workout for men as well women. There are add-ons for fitness of kids as well. We will be jumping straight to the main subject and introduce add-ons that are dedicated to fitness. 

There are also some other general-purpose Kodi addons that also feature fitness and workout videos such as Phoenix, UK Turks etc. Here in this blog, we are going to talk about some well-known Kodi addons for Fitness in 2018.

List of the Best Kodi Fitness and Workout Addons 2018

Fitness Zone

There are stretching exercises that include warm-up exercises to do before and after exercises.  Fitness zone also has targeted videos towards workouts. These include categories like general, Kettlebell, Biceps, cardio, turns and legs and other videos. If you really want to reshape your body, fitness zone is your ultimate solution. If you have Fitness zone you, do not need any other source of exercise. So happily avoid going the gym and manage all exercises at home by installing Fitness zone on your Kodi devices.

How To Install Fitness Zone on Kodi

Genie TV Workouts

This add-on for Kodi is developed and introduced by the famous GenieTV repository. The biggest advantage of using this add-on is the categorization of fitness into divisions. You can search for your desired workout exercise form overall internet sources. To be more specific you can find videos via

  •    All workouts
  •    Calorie Burn
  •    Difficulty
  •    Duration
  •    Body focus
  •    Trainer
  •    Training type
  •    Equipment
  •    Mixed filters

Dothraki Kodi Addon

The second one in the list is the famous Dothraki add-on. Many of you will be aware of it as it is the famous one. Dothraki offers much more than conventional fitness centers including men and women` workout and fitness sections. In the section on the fitness of women, there are programs for;

  •    21 days fix fitness
  •    Turbo Fire
  •    YouTube fitness
  •    Women fitness
  •    Country heat
  •    Zumba

Mystique Kodi Addon

Juggernaut repo is the proud presenters of Mystique Kodi fitness add-on. If you install mystique you can enjoy videos and playlists for some techniques and for inspiration and motivation. Mystique has following sections to get content for fitness:

  •    Extreme workout for women
  •    Fitness angel
  •    Monsters legs and buttocks
  •    Extreme muscle-body
  •    Buttocks
  •    Butt activation
  •    Shredded ABS
  •    Street girl workout

Enzo Kodi Addon

If we call it a great platform for getting best fitness videos, that won`t be wrong. If you install Enzo add-on on your Kodi device, you can enjoy videos and playlists from following categories:

  •    Body-groove fitness videos
  •    ABS workouts
  •    HILT workout videos
  •    Jenny-Craig fitness videos
  •    Motivational fitness content
  •    Melisa-bender fitness content

Fire Fitness Kodi Addon

Fire Fitness Kodi addon offers a great collection of videos and playlists of fitness content. If you have this addon then you are supposed to be fully fit and slim as there are plenty of options that allow you to keep your body super fit and keep your body healthy.

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How to Install Fire Fitness Kodi Addon

Merlin Fitness Kodi Addon

Merlin Kodi addon offers you workout programs, motivational guides, fitness tutorials, Total fitness section, Zumba fitness, Women workout section and many more useful videos and playlists under one single place. This addon is currently available and is up to date.

How to Install Merlin Fitness Kodi Addon

Pulse Fitness

Its main subject is fitness, Zumba, weight lifting, yoga, diet tips and similar more. There are motivational instructions that help in getting the body of the desired shape to enjoy a healthy life.

How to Install pulse Fitness Kodi Addon

Physicality Kodi Addon

Physicality Kodi addon is actually all in one Kodi addon with lots of sections such as Movies, TV programs, Documentaries, Webcams and much more. But the most important and are concerned part is Fitness and Gym. It offers you Gym and Fitness videos and playlists in a great picture quality.

Install Physicality on kodi

Midian Kodi Addon

The last one on our list is the Midian. This brand new Kodi add-on comes from repo named where monsters live. There are many media to watch for exercising and workout. After you install Midian on your Kodi, you can choose any of its fitness sections under the category of at the gym.

how to install midian on kodi


Final Words

This was the list of our favorite, working, live and best fitness and workout addons of 2018. If you have experienced any better fitness addon then do let us know via any mean of communication on our website.

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