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How To Install Buckysroom Python Tutorials Videos

Install Buckysroom Python Tutorials Videos

How To Install Buckysroom Python Tutorials Videos

If like myself you are really wanting to understand and possibly create your own Addon but have no idea about what is involved then can I point you in the direction of BuckysRoom Python Tutorial Videos.

This Addon has 43 video tutorials taking you through each and every step on your road to understanding Python, from Installing Python to Sequences and Lists to Writing Lines. It’s like having a tutor in the room with you (dread to think how much that would cost). Each video is clear and easy to understand and follow whilst you try to do it yourself on your laptop.

You can find his website here which has even more great content and information.

To install Python Tutorial Videos you will need Metalkettles Repository, you can find a guide on how to install here.

Once Installed follow the guide below

Step 1. Select System.

Step 2. Select Add-ons.

Step 3. Install from Repository or Get Add-ons (dependent on Kodi version).

Step 4. Select MetalKettles Addon Repository.

Step 5. Locate and select Python Tutorial Videos

Step 6. Select Install.

Then wait for Add-on enabled notification.

Step 7. Return to Home Screen, select Video Add-ons and then Python Tutorial Videos and start your journey into Python.


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