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Change your Openelec version with this super little addon

Change your Openelec version with this super little addon

Change your Openelec version with this super little addon

For users who run Openelec on their devices, updating or trying out different versions can be a bit daunting and new versions can be a bit buggy until the creases are ironed out or your favourite addons and skins are updated to be compatible, so you may find you want go back to your previous version!

I’ve always switched between versions by heading over to the Openelec site and downloading the USB creator/installer and doing a complete fresh install with the handy Openelec installer tool…Well that has now changed and i shall not be faffing about booting the box into bios, then booting from a USB device ever again!

After stumbling across the Openelec Dev Update addon, switching between versions couldn’t be easier. This gem of an addon is by a developer known as Leopold and it lets you choose from all versions of Openelec (inc Official snapshot  builds, Milhouse Builds and Stable releases) all from inside Kodi and does everything for you after you choose your desired version. The best bit about it for me, is that it leaves your Kodi layout/build untouched!

Here’s a quick install guide so you can try it out for yourselves…

  • Download the Leopold repository 3.0 from Here
  • Copy the zip to your box via USB, FTP or whatever method you use
  • Go to addon settings and select addons, then select install from zip
  • Once installed select install from repository and find the Leopold repo


  • Now go to Program addons and install Openelec Dev Update
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  • Once installed, exit and browse to your Program addons


  • Now you’ll find the addon added to your program addons section


  • Select the addon and choose from the list of build types and then select your version you want to install


  • The addon will ask you if you want to make a backup of your current configuration before it goes any further (this is optional but a good idea if you dont already have a backup). It will then begin to download the version you’ve selected and install it for you.
  • When finished your device will boot up into your new version of Openelec and the best bit for me is that it does so without affecting my configuration! My box is running a new version and has everything it had before i updated 🙂


Just to add, this tool can be used to go back to previous versions as well as update to newer ones….Enjoy!!

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