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Create your own build on Kodi part-2

Create your own build on Kodi part-2

Now we need to separate your add-ons into various categories to begin to create your own personal menu.

Link to part – 1 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are a few images people have sent me of their own completed build, it may give you some ideas:IMG_20160108_175557 [9587]IMG_20160108_181011 [9589]Big thanks to @davidfry77 for sending me these wonderful images.

A few more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0240 [11906]DSC_0230 [11904]

Firstly separate your add-ons into the menus you want to create using the categories add-on.

  • Under the Videos menu click on Add-ons:

Screenshot (86)

  •  Now on the Categories add-on press the menu button or right click your mouse if using PC or laptop

Screenshot (87)

  • Click  Add-on settings

Screenshot (159)

  • Now choose video categories and in each category type the name of each item you want in your menu, you can have as many or as few as you want. You don’t need to create one for all add-ons because it already exists. Press ok when your categories menu is complete.

(EDIT) Since finishing this blog I have learned that if you want to have just one single add-on as a menu item you don’t need to put it into a category. You can very simply create a path to the add-on itself when setting up your main menu through video add-ons. This will work out better because it will open the add-on entirely not just bring you to it.

Screenshot (93)

  • When you are in the Categories add-on click on ‘all add-ons’ and you will be shown a list of all the video add-ons you have installed. Choose each add-on you want to place in each various category, to do this press the menu button or right click and when you chose click on – Add to category:
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Screenshot (94)

  • You can put each add-on into more than one category, for example salts can be put into tv shows and movies, also if you decide later to get more add-ons they will automatically go into ‘All Addons’ and you can put them into their particular menu as above:

Screenshot (97)

  • Now while still in the Categories add-on you need to place each category into favorites. To do this press menu button/right click on each of your categories including ‘All Addons’ and add to favorites, then return to home screen:

Screenshot (98)

Now to begin building your menu from the favorites you have created.

  • Click system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Appearance:

Screenshot (100)

  • Choose skin then -settings:

Screenshot (101)

  • Choose, set up the Aeon Nox main menu:

Screenshot (102)

  • Click on Default select action and choose favorites from the menu that appears:

Screenshot (103)

  • Now one by one replace the existing menu on the left with the new favorites you have created:

Screenshot (104)

  • After filling each place on the left with your own menu it should look like the following, ensure that each of these is enabled as highlighted top right:

Screenshot (106)

  • Then disable the existing menus you will not be using, remember you will need to keep the System and Power for your menu:

Screenshot (107)

(EDIT) After you have your build completed and you add more add-ons, to put them into their various categories just go into the categories add-on and add them to whatever section they belong.

Now onto part – 3 were we will work on some simple changes to improve the look of the menu bar and also we will change the backgrounds for each menu item.

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Link to part – 3 -CLICK HERE-




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