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Create your own build on Kodi part-3

change backgrounds on kodi

Create your own build on Kodi part-3

Now its time to start changing the aesthetics of your build,

Link to part – 2 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are some more images of builds people have created using this guide, it may give you some more ideas:IMG_20160114_194508 [13868]IMG_20160114_194506 [13869]


Here are more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0290 [179165]DSC_0313 [179167]

First we will change a few simple things to improve the look of your build:

  • From the home menu choose settings > appearance then in the menu below change the menu horizontal position from default to low, this will allow you to see your chosen backgrounds a lot better:

Screenshot (110)

  • Also change the main menu layout from 5 to 3 items, I personally find this improves the look of the menu bar:

Screenshot (112)

Next we will work on changing the backgrounds:

Firstly you will have to go to your browser, be it on windows or whatever device you are using. When searching through your search engine change search to image search. There are literally thousands of images to choose from. For your movies menu for example simply search ‘cinema’, you will find some really great images.

  • Firstly click on skin settings under system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Highlight the menu item on the left you wish to place a background on, I have ‘Movies’ highlighted below.

Then select: Set item background:

Screenshot (114)

  • Now choose set single image background. You can have multi-images for each background but were keeping it nice and simple:
  • If you want to add multiple images take a quick skip ahead to my Create your own build extra blog. just -CLICK HERE-
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Screenshot (115)

  • This part of the menu will be slightly different on each device. If you are using windows you will find the images you have saved under user > documents. On other devices like Android you will find your images in external storage > downloads.

Screenshot (116)

  • Now choose the image for the menu you working on, in this case we are setting a background for movies so I have downloaded an image of a cinema scene:

Screenshot (117)

  • When you have highlighted the image click ok as shown below. This is the background for movies done.
  • Now repeat the process for each item in your menu.

Screenshot (118)

Continue onto part – 4 where we will improve the look of your menu bar.

For part – 4 -CLICK HERE-


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  1. Currently running KODI/openELEC on my now ancient ATV1, but placed order for WeTek CORE and it should be here next week. Hoping that the extra horsepower in the core will allow me to more easily have some fun with KODI skin options.

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