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Create your own build on Kodi Part-4

Here we will first improve the look of your menu bar, including tidying the text and adding some colour.

Link to part – 3 -CLICK HERE-

(EDIT) Here are some more images of other peoples builds created using this guide to give you some ideas. Don’t forget to send me images of your build to my twitter handle IMG_20160108_175543 [13867]IMG_20160108_175529 [9590]

Here are more photos of screenshots of my own build:DSC_0303 [175911]DSC_0298 [179166]

To start we will improve the look of your menu bar and add a little colour to the text:

  • First click on skin settings below system:

Screenshot (99)

  • Set up the Aeon Nox menu:

Screenshot (113)

  • Click on Edit Label:

Screenshot (119)

  • This is where you improve the look of your menu bar. In order to add colour to your text on your menu bar you need to type the following exactly as shown.
  • Example for sky blue: [COLORskyblue]Movie[/COLOR]
  • Main things to remember are colour is spelt the American way, without a ‘u’. Text at either end is to be enclosed with square brackets [ ]. The back brackets include a forward slash / before the word COLOR.
  • And also the colour you wish to use is typed in lower case text. You can google ‘basic colour code’ to find some different colours you can use.

Screenshot (120)

  • You can add as many colours as you want, I prefer to stagger them only using two colours except of course for the [COLORred]power[/COLOR] menu I like to change that to red. Continue step by through your menu until you have it completed to your liking.
  • As you can see in the following screenshot I used white for my Tv Shows menu, this does take a bit of time to do but the more work you put into it the more you will appreciate it when it’s completed.
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Screenshot (121)

  • Now your menu should begin to take shape

and as you can see I kept both the system and power menu and coloured my ‘POWER’ menu red:

Screenshot (125)

Another little trick to improve the look of your menu

  • Return to the set up Aeon Nox menu and ensure Add-ons is highlighted on the left. Now scroll down and click on select widget.

Screenshot (256)

  • In the widget menu scroll down and find Video Add-ons, this will create a widget for your Add-on menu

Screenshot (257)

  • As you can see you have a small widget on the right of your Add-on screen that will continually scroll through your own add-ons.

(Apologies for the quality of the screenshots)

DSC_0031 [66610]

  • You can also scroll through the widget menu yourself, giving you details of each add-on.

DSC_0020 [66790]


Next in part – 5 we will work on the sub-menu, the final part of your own personal build.

For part – 5 -CLICK HERE-



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  1. Well, all was going good until I somehow, I don’t know, disabled system on the menu bar.


    Do I need to take the machine back to default or is there a back door?

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