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Edision Mini OS + DVB/S/C/T Review

front box

I have always kept an eye on this brand due to the price and spec, when I saw they were doing a box with H.265 HEVC playback I had to take a look!!!

The box can be purchased  from Wold of Satellite for £99

You may be asking what’s HEVC and why is it important, a lot of streaming content is now being encoded with h.265 HEVC compression due to the smaller file sizes, this makes a big difference when you are streaming 1080p or 4k.


The Edision range has always had impressive spec and the mini OS + is no different!!

  • 512MB SLC NAND Flash  (Twice the memory of the zgemma and mutant 1500)
  • 512mb Ram
  • Built in wifi and Bluetooth
  • 4 in 1 remote
  • Sat and Cable on a single tuner
  • 2x USB ports
  • MPEG2 / H.265 HEVC demodulator


The box comes in the usual black with a nice VFD Display (8 digits) on the front you will also find a power button and flip down cover concealing the front USB port and card reader,  on the top we have an Edision logo with air vent slats, the slats continue on the left and right sides of the box allowing the fanless cpu inside lots of ventilation.

On the back panel you will find :

– 1 x power ON/OFF switch
– Sat-IF input: 1x F-type
– RF input: 1x IEC-type
– TV connection: 1x HDMI, 1x jack to RCA
– Output Video (digital): 1x HDMI
– Output Audio (digital): Standard optical (S/PDIF)
– 1 x USB 2.0 ports
– 1 x Ethernet port
– 1 x jack to RS232
– 1 x DC in (for the external PSU)

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rear boxfront open

One of the best features of the Edision is the 4 in 1 remote, this seems to get over looked by a lot of box manufactures and when you consider this is your main interface with whats on the screen its nice to see someone got it spot on.


The 4 in 1 function of the remote is a nice touch, being able to switch sources and turn off the TV all from 1 remote is a big plus, only down side is one of the buttons is for VCR!! The remote has a quality feel, with the buttons making no horrible clicking sounds like you get with other controllers.



Its surprising to see a box at this price come with built in WiFi and bluetooth!! at first I was skeptical if it would be any good, as most streaming/TV devices fail to do this well, and you usually end up with buffering etc. I know a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration for good WiFi signal, but testing the Edision in the same place where other devices have failed is good enough for me 🙂

As you can see the signal wasn’t the best, yet streaming 1080 and live TV was flawless. Streams buffered quickly, and switching from stream to stream was also quick.


The hybrid DVB-S/C/T tuner in the Edision is something I have never seen in any other sat/cable box, the single tuner is capable of using sat and cable from a same tuner!! looking at the back of the box it could be mistaken for a combo/twin tuner. To utilize both sat and cable you will need to use autobouquetmaker and set it to scan both sat and cable, see below

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Screen shot1 Screen shot2

Screen shot4Screen shot3

Only downside to the single tuner is not being able to record one and watch another, but who records stuff these days face-with-tears-of-joy I am sure we will see more manufactures adopting this kind of tuner in the future!!

The Edision has been getting used as my main box for about a month now, and it performs very well. Boot time (power on/off at back switch) is around 60 seconds, I have loaded all picons / dreamplex data etc direct to the 512mb flash, and it hasn’t slowed the box at all. Only small issue i have with it is, no HDMI cable with the box!! apart from that I cant fault this excellent device. Value for money I cant see any other single tuner coming close to this box, it definately punches above its price tag.

Box can be purchased from Here

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