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Update 27/10/15

Matt has made some changes which i will detail below.

Oblivion has also been added to the Wizard. Please do not mistake this Wizard for a repo.

The following addons etc are linked to the main menu:

Live Tv – Ivue Main Guide
TV Hub
Movie Hub
1080P HD/3D – Staael2014 (lots of hd content here)
Entertainment – Stream Engine
Kids Media – Kiddie Cartoons
Sports – Stream Engine Sports (wide range of content here)
Football – Football King
Music – Mp3 Streams
Addons – Commnuity Portal

Following addons have been removed:
Chicago iptv
Iptv xtra UKxtra
Canada on demand
Film dictator
Husham lists
Iptv stalker exo
Movies rx
Simple play lists
USB sd wizard

New addons installed
More Power
OCW Reborn
DIJ Entertianments

All updates have been updated whether by repo or manual updates such as sports devil/robin hood.

Cleaned up Menu’s. Wrestling moved to sports section, standup moved to entertainment.Added new addons to entertainment submenu. Removed one,her place, tnpb form entertainment, these can be found under phoenix.

No change to Music

Addons – Added favourites, super favourites and weather
Maintenance – Backup moved to submenu. Cleaned up submenu.

Kids: added Kids Youtube. 

Evolution is a great build by @Mattyspurs76 , Matt currenlty has 2 builds, Evolution and Obsidian which you can find on the Community Portal by Noobs and Nerds.

Evolution uses the Arctic Zephyr skin which is a refreshing change from the superb Aeon Nox based builds coming out. Evolution is a family orientated build with all the top add-ons installed, so lets see a couple of screen shots of this awesome build…


As you can see Matt has custom made not only all backgrounds but also the icons as well to great effect. There are 15 items on the Home Screen, sub menus are a major feature of this build and i will try to show you some of them in this blog.

Live TV: This takes you straight into iVue TV guide. From there you are just a short click away from watching any channel. You can also utilize Renegades TV guide depending on your personal preference.


Click on any channel and you will be enjoying the content within seconds.

TV Hub: Select this menu and it will take you to a great menu with Genesis TV, Stream TV, amongst others as seen below.


The TV Calendar is great for seeing what has been on in the last seven days.



Movie Hub: Select this and you will find another great sub-menu. Sky Movies, iVue Movie.



Kids Media: More options than you can shake a stick at. 2-5 year old’s, Kids Animation, Kids TV.

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_24_52

Sports: Choose from the most popular sports on Kodi and watch pretty much anything you can wish for.

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_35_29

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_35_43

I could go on showing each menu, this build is the most integrated i have seen, there are dozens of options under each Home screen menu. The ones i have missed out are detailed below in the screenshots.

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_51_32 Kodi 20_10_2015 17_51_40 Kodi 20_10_2015 17_51_48

Another great feature of this build is the widgets. Highlight a Home screen shortcut like in the example below and it will show you the latest movies or TV shows with a short synopsis.

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_17_18

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_43_16

Hover over a TV show or Movie and a transparent synopsis will appear.

Kodi 20_10_2015 17_54_29

Matt has said he wanted to create a Family orientated build which has everything you need. He would like people to install and enjoy without having to do the legwork. I think he has achieved this with a great build. There will be updates which you can find out about on his Facebook page or even his dedicated forum which you can find links to below:

Evolution Forum


To install you will need to download the Wizard from here.

Then follow the guide below.

Step 1.  Select System.


Step 2. Select Add-ons.


Step 3. Select install from zip.


Step 4.  Select plugin.video.evolutionwizard.zip.

Kodi 20_10_2015 18_55_16

Wait for Enabled notification.

Step 5. Return to Home Screen and select Programs. Then Select EvolutionWizard.

Kodi 20_10_2015 18_55_56

Step 6. Select Evolution.

Kodi 20_10_2015 19_59_19

Evolution will now start downloading, once finished it will ask if you would like to force close Kodi. Select yes.

Now enjoy Evolution.

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  1. Tried installing and everything seemed to be successful right up to the Force Close….but when I relaunch Kodi it’s still my default Confluence setting….I don;t see the Movie, TV hub, etc…no change to the layout/skin. tried a couple of times. I notice new addons I didn’t previously have have been installed when I go into the Video Addons section….but why doesn’t the layout load?

  2. Thanks for the review. Just note, thats not all what you see in the build. majoity of goodies are in the submenus. highlight a menu item then press down to bring it up. Kids menu for instance as over 12 items in the submene. 2-5yrs olds, 6- 11yrs olds, kids tv shows, kids movies and also live tv (kids shows only). Same for sports and other menus. Ive used super favourites and linked the folders to the sports submenu. Over a dozen folders linked up and they contain addons for the chosen sports. Hard to explain and its easier for people to install and look around

  3. I love your build but clearly I’m doing something wrong as when it loads there is no mouse pointers anywhere and I don’t have a touch screen. Please advise!!!

    1. Nothing wrong at all. Unfortunately the skin isn’t touch screen compatible or mouse. . Your not alone and it’s been brought to my attention. I have released a lite version of the build which is OK for touch screens etcetc..Though if u use a mouse I presume u have keyboard that will work fine. Use arrow keys and enter button. I’m looking at alternative skins but Havnt got time to try them out at the moment

  4. Hi there is this ok with Amazon stick. I’ve been using beast but it’s pretty heavy on it. Also can I watch live tv us channels. I use usually iptv stalker

  5. Hi why when i install this from ares wizard all seems to go well but after closing kodi and re-opening nothing has changed ie: the gui is still the standard view no changes ?

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