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Fix Buffering on Kodi Easy Tutorial 

Fix buffering

Fix Buffering on Kodi Easy Tutorial 

Fix and stop buffering on Kodi device with our easy guide tutorial. With this very simple and easy guide, you can fix buffering on KODI / SPMC. No more annoying buffering during a movie, just sit back and enjoy your KODI experience!
This method works and I guaranteed but it won’t fix the issues from the server side, that means that if the stream is problematic and has a very slow speed, my magic may not work! 🙂

You may also want to try adding Community Wizard this has a lot of benefits for novice users. You can set it up to remove cache images etc that have stores on your device. Depending on your device it may run slow due to all the data it has. So adding the community wizard and setting it up will also help clean your device which is needed.

Please read this carefully. I was getting very frustrated by addon providers kicking me out or streams dropping during watching something. I cleared cache cleared thumb nails and so on blaming the Kodi addons for the problem. Last night I installed IPVanish VPN set the country and UK they worked smoothly no faults. I then tried and set the VPN to USA once again worked great. If you are still having issues after doing these tweaks below then please try our VPN provider. Its worked a treat for us no I have come to the conclusion internet service providers are definitely blocking Kodi users. If they are not fully blocking they are certainly making our viewing on Kodi to be a nightmare.

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We are offering IPVanish VPN with 60% off for a yearly package for a small amount of money it certainly improved our viewing once again.


We have done two guides for you one for Kodi 16 and the other for Kodi 17 further down the page.

To Stop Buffering on Kodi 16, follow these Steps

  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://ares-repo.eu  and click DONE
  4. Click on OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Click on ADDONS
  8. Open the red icon labeled ZIP
  9. Click on the script.areswizardX.X.X.zip
  10. Once the addon is installed go to HOME
  11. Choose Programs
  12. Open Ares Wizard
  13. Select the TWEAKS folder on the top
  14. Click on Advanced Settings Wizard
  15. Select NEXT
  16. Now you will see the free available RAM on your system
  17. Select GENERATE
  18. Set the Video Cache Size at the half of the available free memory making sure that you DO NOT TOUCH THE OTHER SETTINGS!
  20. Restart KODI
  21. Boom Shakalaka! You have optimized KODI for a buffer free experience, enjoy!

    How To Fix Buffering On Kodi 17:

    1. Open Kodi Device.
    2. Make sure you enable Unknown Sources (Addons-Settings Enable  Unknown Sources)
    3. Now back to Home Screen
    4. Select Settings Button
    5. Click on the File Manager
    6. Select Add Source and type exactly http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/
    7. On the box below type Ares click OK
    8. Go back to Home Screen
    9. Select Addons
    10. Select the Addon Browser button
    11. Open the Install from zip file.
    12. Select the file labelled Ares
    13. Select repository.aresproject.zip
    14. Wait for the notification message on your device.
    15. Click on the Install from Repository
    16. Select Ares Project
    17. Open Program Addons
    18. Choose Ares Wizard
    19. Select the TWEAKS folder on the top
    20. Click on Advanced Settings Wizard
    21. Select NEXT
    22. Now you will see the free available RAM on your system
    23. Select GENERATE
    24. Set the Video Cache Size at the half of the available free memory making sure that you DO NOT TOUCH THE OTHER SETTINGS!
    25. Select APPLY SETTINGS
    26. Restart KODI
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