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Genesis is now Specto! The Genesis Fork after Lambda, here comes MrkNow

How To Install Specto Kodi Addon

How To Install Specto Kodi Addon


A new developer MrkNow has taken over the amazing work of the best add-on on KODI, Genesis and created a fork! The new add-on is the old one but updated and working with all the links. The new addon will have the name Specto in the future!
A big thanks to Lambda with the hope that this isn’t a goodbye but only a new chapter!

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Install Specto Addon Kodiinstructions:

  1. Go to SYSTEM and select from the submenu FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://filmkodi.com/repository/ and click DONE
  4. Select NONE and enter FilmKodi, click on DONE and then OK
  5. Go to HOME once again and select SYSTEM
  7. Select the red icon label FilmKodi
  8. Donwload the repository.filmkodi.com.zip
  9. As soon as the repository has been refreshed select INSTALL FROM REPOSITORY
  10. Select Kodi FilmKodi.com Repository
  11. Select VIDEO ADDONS
  12. Select Specto – Genesis Fork and hit on INSTALL
  13. Congrats! you have successfully installed the add-on!


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  1. Hey ive installed many adfons using your excellent guide here thanks, but when I went to install this Addon it crashed Kodi right after I installed the
    Is this .zip safe or should I stay away?

  2. The Specto – GENESIS FORK is stuck on 3% downloading then it completes then does not open when launched in addons is it possible for you to check it out as time permits

  3. Hi I’ve managed to install this several times but on a couple of boxes the repo doesn’t appear to download properly and when you install from repo after the zip nothing at all happens? Any ideas please?

    1. I believe it’s the repository that is hammered all these days. From some hits a day, get’s thousands hits. Only way is to uninstall and re-install or just check for updates to force refreshing on the repo.

    2. Stop installing on multiple boxes like a fool and just backup and transfer to each new box! It’s idiots like you that cause the overload on the servers with you manually installing on each box, stop killing the scene for your profit you tramp, get a job.

  4. Worked on one box, tried the other and it just kept failing. Restarted Kodi and Repo is gone. Tried installing repo againa dn got another error.

  5. hello,
    installed this about a week ago, it went to do the new update today then deleted it so i went to download again and the filmkodi site is down, anyone heard of any server updates or have they shut there site down???

  6. My Genesis icon is now Specto. Now “searching” for [any movie] in “Movies” returns no results.
    Before, I got anything that I searched for under movies. TV shows seem to be fine.
    Are movies no longer available in this new Specto?

      1. I did get mine working again.
        I think it was a glitch in an update. So I Googled instructions on re-installing Genesis/Specto.
        I followed those instructions. Did not seem to work until the next morning after power cycling
        the unit. Then all was well. All the movies were back. Hope that may help you.

  7. Hi
    New to all this so be gentle. Followed excellent instructions to the letter all appears fine. Can see select and watch movies but for some reason cannot see tv shows please help?

  8. Hi. Seems to work well but how do I add a movie/tv show to trakt? The context menu doesn’t show that option as it did on Genesis. Thanks!

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