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How To Change Main Tabs And Sub Menus on Aeon MQ6

How To Change Main Tabs And Sub Menus on Aeon MQ6

How To Change Main Tabs And Sub Menus on Aeon MQ6

Aeon MQ6 is a superb skin all round, especially if you are looking to start mixing it up and change the way it looks. This blog will show you how you can change the Main Tabs and create Sub Menus. Be warned this is a fairly lengthy guide!

For instruction on how to install this skin please look at the guide here.

Step 1. Select Settings.


Step 2. Select Appearance.


Step 3.  Select Skin then Settings.


Step 4. Select Main Menu then Customise Main Menu.


Step 5. You should now see a list of all the shortcuts on your home screen.


Step 6. One easy way to delete a Home screen shortcut is to turn off the Show tab by selecting it.


You will notice the shortcut will fade red on the left hand side.


Step 7. Should you wish to change the menu select the shortcut (In this instance i have chosen Movies).

Scroll right to Replace this Menu with.

You will then see a myriad of options on the right hand side.


Step 8. The options are numerous but for this guide i am going to change it to a specific addon.

Scroll right and select Choose Video Add-on.


Step 9. You will now see all the Video Add-ons installed on your device. Select one (I have chosen one of the must have add-ons Genesis).


Step 10. Genesis should now appear where Movies used to sit.


Go back to Home Screen and hey presto Genesis will now appear as a shortcut.

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Step 11. Return to Customisation Screen. Now to add a Sub Menu. Highlight Genesis and scroll left.

screenshot019 screenshot021

Step 12. Scroll right and select Replace This Menu With and then scroll right again and choose from the list of options. (For this guide i am going to create a shortcut to one of the Genesis sub menus).

screenshot022 Select Choose Video Node.


Step 13. Select Video Add-ons.


Step 14. Scroll down to Genesis (for this example).


Step 15. Select the sub menu you would like to shortcut.


Scroll right and select Ok.

Step 16. Select Rename.


Enter Title name and select Done.


Step 17. Go back to the Home Screen locate Genesis and scroll down.

Hey presto you have a Sub menu.



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  1. Hi, I am wondering if you can help, THE KODI IVUE TV add-on schedule won’t update when Aeon NOX MK6 is on, I have to revert back to a standard skin, quit Kodi, go back in and update schedule and then change the skin back to Aeon NOX MQ6 anyone else having this issue in Kodi using this skin type?

    When Aeon NOX MK6 is on and I go to IVUE it just sits there ages saying updating fetching data but its not doing anything!

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