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How To Change The Colour Of Your Main Menu Font in MQ6

How To Change Main Tabs And Sub Menus on Aeon MQ6

As a follow up to my blog on How To Change Main Tabs and Sub Menus in MQ6 i am going to show you how to change the font colour, again this can also be done in Aeon Nox.

Step 1. Select Settings.screenshot007

Step 2. Select Skin Settings.


Step 3. Select Main Menu and scroll right and select Customise Main Menu.


Step 4. For this example i am going to change TV SHOWS to Purple. Highlight TV SHOWS and scroll right and select RENAME.


Step 5. You will now need to enter the following: [COLOR purple] TV SHOWS [/COLOR].


Then select Done. Please note the colour of TV SHOWS will change as shown below.


Step 6.  Return to Home Screen and Hey Presto.


Step 7. If you wish to make your font multi coloured you will need to enter in the following way [COLOR purple] TV [/COLOR] [COLOR green] SHOWS [/COLOR].


Step 8.  Return to Home Screen and again Hey Presto.


This can be done for individual letters as long as you have [COLOR _____] before and [/COLOR] after each letter.


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