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How To Delete Your Cache Using The Xunitytalk Maintenance Tool

How To Delete Your Cache Using The Xunitytalk Maintenance Tool

Today we are going to show you how to delete your cache on your Kodi device. Cache builds up over a period of time when streaming content and can potently slow your device down.

Cache is basically tiny amounts of data stored on your device that could impair your experience on your device in causing slowness in streaming and naviagtion therefore making your viewing pleasure not great, you can find out more about cache here.

Follow our easy guide below on how to clear your cache on your Kodi device, we recommend doing this once a week(depending on your usage).

STEP 1. Make sure you have the xunity folder installed, follow our guide here to do that, once you have please select system.


STEP 2. Tab down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now select Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Select the Xunity folder.


STEP 5. Choose the XunityTalk repo, it will now install on your device.


STEP 6. Go into Get Add-ons.


STEP 7. Select the XunityTalk repo.


STEP 8. Choose Video Add-ons.


STEP 9. Now Select the Xunity Maintenance Add-on.


STEP 10. Hit Install.


STEP 11. Head to your video add-on section and select the newly install Maintenance tool.


STEP 12. Choose Maintenance.


STEP 13. Tab down and choose Delete My Cache.


STEP 14. You will now have a pop-up telling you how many unwanted files are stored on your device, hit YES! [ If you have no pop-up it means you have no cache 🙂 ]

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STEP 15. You will now get this message…simply hit ok and go back to what you was doing, your cache is all gone.


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