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How To Delete Your Kodi Config And Start Again

How to delete your kodi config

How To Delete Your Kodi Config And Start Again

How to delete your kodi config and start again on your Kodi set-up? We get a lot of users asking is there a simple way of ‘starting again’ and the simple answer is yes!

Deleting your kodi setup and starting again is a very simple process and we are going to show you how this can be done.

Before we start the tutorial, please install the fusion repository. If you haven’t got this already installed on your device, you can follow our tutorial HERE.

If you are using Kodi 17 to delete addons or builds use these links

How To Uninstall An Addon On Kodi 17



How To Delete Your Kodi:

STEP 1. Select system.

1 system

STEP 2. Scroll down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Choose Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Choose the fusion repository.


STEP 5. Tab down and select start-here.

5 start here

STEP 6. Install the fresh start zip by clicking it.

6 fresh start

STEP 7. Head to programs and select.

7 programs

STEP 8. Select Fresh Start.

8 fresh start

STEP 9. It will now ask you if you want to restore your set-up, hit yes.

9 yes

STEP 10. The process has now finished and you need to reboot your device.

10 restart

You Kodi config is now back to the default set-up as if you’ve just installed it for the first time.

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  1. After restarting from fresh everything is gone. Now i am trying to reload repos, add ons etc and add ons have no logo or only some have

  2. Hi is there any way to do the fresh start but leave an addon on there untouched like a wizard so I can click it and update without having to reinstall the wizard ?

  3. i recently triedto update kodi, unfortunately could not find 15.2, and tried the only other version which did not install right ,andi cant find he mess it made or how to ix it, the new version never installed fully ,the supposed stable release, and now my pc is messed up in that i cannot find what o get rid of or whre it is, and if id did wher to get 15.2. but it was unable to install executable , i should have left it be ,any helpappreciated
    first job is getting rid of 16. that i tried to install oover 15.2 after i uninstalled it, because i couldnt find it
    perhaps a windows resotore
    but i doubt it
    again any help appreciated

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