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Today we are going to show you how you download any of the content in the popular kodi add-on Navi-X.

STEP 1. Head to Navi-X and press; Start Here.

inside navi-x

STEP 2. Now choose where you want to go, we are heading into ‘Most Viewed in 24hrs’.


STEP 3. Highlight the movie or TV show you want to download, select ‘c’ on your device or hit ‘menu’ depending on your remote and select Download.

press c download

STEP 4. Choose your download path, once happy select ok.

choose desiantuion

STEP 5. Hit yes.

start downlaod

STEP 6. Go to your downloads section.

goto downloads

STEP 7. Then completed downloads.

complete downloads

STEP 8. You will now see your content you’ve downloaded.

film downlaoded

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