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How To Fix The Viewing Ration On Kodi

How To Fix The Viewing Ration On Kodi

How To Fix The Viewing Ration On Kodi

How annoying is it when you click on a movie or TV show stream only to be greeted with only a tiny picture that’s not filling your full screen?

As you can see from the screenshot below, you may come across such streams that only populate a small portion on your TV, but don’t worry, we have a really easy fix for this.


Some of you guy’s may think there is a issue with the actual stream, STOP! It’s not and therefore there is no need to stop it and look for another.

Let’s show you guy’s how easy it is to fix…..

Below you will see that we’ve brought up the control menu and hopped over to teh small icon with the movie reel on, please select it.


You will now be greeted with this menu, tab down to ‘view mode‘, you can see ours says it’s Original size….so let’s change it to fill your screen.


Using the arrow button’s you can glide through the options it has until you get to a setting that is perfect for you, as you can see we’ve selected Normal, once selected press the back arrow on your keyboard.


Your TV screen is now filled and viewing is much more pleasurable.


There could be many reasons why when you first click on a link to stream that the ratio isn’t set, but this is how easy it is to fix.

Sometimes changing the screen ratio can make the picture quality poor but sometimes it won’t, it all depends on the feed of the content and how it was upload ‘their’ end.

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  1. When I came across a similar issue with the small screen I think I changed it to 16.9, I also clicked on default for all videos. I think I may have made a little error. When you default for all videos is it just in the addon your in or for all addons?

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