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How to install Adult Addons for Kodi and review

install adult addons

Install Adult Addons for Kodi including video devil

over18s only

Before I start I feel obligated to warn you that the following content is for over 18’s only. So if you are under the age of 18 please do the right thing and leave now, thank you.

If you are wanting to install Adult addons package on Kodi 17 please look at bottom of the page for our new Kodi 17 adult addon guide.


When the idea of doing this review was originally put to me, my first thought was how on earth am I going to be able to look at all that porn without herself realizing? So I thought it only right to come clean and be straight out and honest. This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, but that’s a whole other story. Not only that, I now had someone to help me through the strenuous task of having to look at so so many adult videos.

There are literally so many Kodi adult add-ons that you can’t see the wood for the trees, so I decided to review the adult add-ons that were the easiest to install, and that are all available from the one single source, I will show you at the end of my review how to install these add-ons.


I’m Honestly not sure in what order to review these add-ons so she decided we should do the review in the same order that we reviewed the add-ons and I intend to be as straightforward and honest as I can be. I’m obviously not going to go into in-depth detail of any videos, just give you guys an idea of which ones have good content and decent quality videos.

Also keep an eye out for this symbol {V} it is to advise you that this add-on is available within the VideoDevil add-on, so if you decide to install the VideoDevil add-on the there is no point in installing these ones!

Many of the below addons are currently not working so if you want the best adult addons for kodi, we have found an amazing adult addon replacement.

Install XXX-ODUS On Kodi 17:

  1. Download the latest zipfile from GITHUB save it to a location you can find later go to
  2. Go to Home Screen
  3. Select Addons
  4. Make sure you enable Unknown Sources (Addons-Settings Enable Unknown Sources)
  5. Go back to Home Screen
  6. Select Addons
  7. Select Addon Browser button
  8. Click on Install from zip file.
  9. Select repository.colossus-xxx.xxx.x.zip.
  10. Wait for the notification message on your device.
  11. Select Install from Repository
  12. Now select Colossal Repository
  13. Select Video Addons
  14. Select xxxodus addon
  15. Finally select Install.
  16. Wait for Addon enabled notification on your screen.
  17. xxxodus Kodi addon is now ready to use. The addon can be accessed via Addons > Videos > xxxodus Kodi addon

Screenshot (271)D Clip To start a pretty poor menu. Lots of categories badly mixed up, some really strange stuff and poor quality. A lot of videos took a long time to play and really weren’t worth the wait at all. Clean your cache after every video, not what i’d class as porn.

AdultXBMC repo

Screenshot (281)Empflix. Overall it has a pretty poor menu to start with, videos took an age to play, all videos were very short. The only good point really is the video quality was mostly good.

XBMCAdult repo. {V}

Screenshot (271)Eporner. Absolutely terrible menu, massive amount of content. Trouble playing the majority of videos I tried to watch, sometimes they would get stuck for a long time. When the videos did play the picture quality was actually pretty good and there was a huge amount of content to choose from. Overall though pretty poor.

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AdultXBMC repo. {V}

Screenshot (272)Erotik XXX. At last something professional looking, a really great menu to begin with, nice and easy to navigate, and a huge amount of good content. No rubbish 5 minute long videos, really great quality decent length videos with almost HD picture quality too. The only issue was it took an age for some videos to play and in some cases they never played at all after waiting.

AdultXBMC repo.

Screenshot (283)Fantasti.cc. An even better menu on this one I found, Astonishing amount of content. Split into popular over various amounts of time, from today to all time popular! And also the collections, most viewed, top rated etc. No issues at all playing any of the videos, the quality was excellent, picture quality was perfect also. The videos were all on for a decent length of time. No negatives.

XBMCAdult repo.

Screenshot (271)Sirina TV. This was all in a very strange language, it almost look like ancient writing in the menus, so you literally had no idea what you were pressing or what might play but to be totally honest I had to try and after 5 videos I said nooooooo thank you.

AdultXBMC repo.

Screenshot (275)Ultimate Whitecream. Now were talking a proper and professional looking add-on. A pretty lame menu page, behind each menu though there is an absolute phenomenal amount of categories all of which are crammed with amazing amounts of videos. All of the items in the main menu bring you to lists of various sites, some well known. Most were packed with short length videos, most of which where of decent quality. The movie section which I have found out is her favorite for some reason is crammed with just mind boggling amounts of videos, some absolutely dreadful and some really great quality movies. In the movies section almost all movies had a choice of file hosts, some seemed to play better than others but after a while you’ll know which one is generally the best. Again some movies were dreadful and a lot were really good, all with good quality picture.

WhiteCream repo

Screenshot (285)LubeTube.com. To begin with a really poor menu, just a long list of 51 categories, most contained pretty short videos from a certain amount of different websites basically telling you if you wanna see the whole video cum to our site! I do have to say though that all videos played immediately and the content of most was decent but short, and the picture quality of all the videos we choose at random was very good.

XBMCAdult repo.

Screenshot (271)Motherless. A really poor attempt at a menu, no categories to speak of so generally you’d no idea where to find what. Some webcam videos mixed in. to be honest really crap content and poor picture quality in all the videos we did take the time to bother looking at. Personally in my opinion not real porn at all.

AdultXBMC repo {V}

Screenshot (282)OXO Now I have to say honestly I was very intrigued to find out what could possibly be in a porn add-on called oxo. To begin with a pretty average menu, including a search option and a tubes section which turned out to be a long list of pretty well known sites. The quality of content ranged from ok to pretty good depending on which site you choose. There is also a hd section with excellent quality videos also with good content. A lot of videos wouldn’t play but those that did were very good quality. There was also the biggest categories section, 160 categories, a lot of stuff i’ve no idea what it was, included a lot of poor quality videos.


AdultXBMC repo

Screenshot (271)HotGoo. again I am intrigued by the name. Menu is just a large list of categories, 76 to be exact. Quality of content was ok as was picture quality, mostly short 5-6 minute long videos, again trying to get you to their partcular site to see the whole video. All videos played without any issues at all. No pictures to give you an idea what may be in the video your selecting, almost every other add-on did.

AdultXBMC repo

Screenshot (282)LargeCamTube. Absolutely not my idea of porn whatsoever, I don’t understand why anyone would want to watch videos of other people conversing over the internet. A lot of really odd stuff in here, most videos were short, poor content and bad quality. I understand the idea of live webcams, but this made absolute no sense to me or herself!

AdultXBMC repo

Screenshot (288)VideoDevil. A good menu, a list of 35 porn sites, some very well known such as PornHub, YouPorn, RedTube and many others. Also as I mentioned earlier with the {V} to let you know, some of the add-ons available are in this add-on. Basically all the porn you could ever want in one place. Good content on most links, all videos we tried played no problem at all and the majority had good quality pictures also. This was one of the few add-ons that actually updated since I put all the add-ons up, so it looks to be updated frequently.

XBMCAdult repo

Screenshot (271)Wildfire. Honestly, who comes up with these names. Another poor menu, but alas proper old school blue movies in the feature and English sections, vhs style. Now I gotta say now that this was without any doubt her favorite. All movies played without a problem, a lot of good quality content along with good quality pictures! There were also sections from other countries including, France, Italy and more. As well as those there were some pretty strange sections that I didn’t go into to much on account of what they were called!

AdultXBMC repo.

Screenshot (287)Wood Rocket. Not what I was expecting at all, this looked like it was gonna be a top add-on but it was actually terrible, The menu was awful, the content was very strange, just not my cup of tea at all, and she wasn’t too happy at some of the strange things we ended up seeing. But as I say, each to their own, some people probably love all this strange stuff, just hope I don’t know too many of them. And apart from all that the picture quality was kinda ok except for a lot of buffering and some videos taking a long time to play.

PTOM repo.

Screenshot (270)YouJizz.com. Not a great menu, included newest, rated and random. Very good quality content, no short videos, decent proper length porn videos. The picture quality was great also. Actually to be honest probably spent a little longer reviewing this one cause I wanted to make sure if i’m gonna recommend this one I better be sure. But to be honest it is one of the better ones, especially content quality!

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XBMCAdult repo.

There were a few add-ons with no content or just kep’t popping up with error messages and I couldn’t figure out why. They included: In the AdultXBMXrepo TubeSex, XHamster, XVideo and HSTube. and in the PTOMrepo both JAV and Likuoo didn’t work.

So at the end of it all myself and herself agree on which add-ons were the best except for wildfire, we didn’t both agree on that one, she liked the old style blue movies. In my opinion though you could put VideoDevil on your Kodi and that would be enough. But you can’t overlook the quality of Erotik XXX, Ultimate Cream and YouJizz.com.

There are of course many many more adult add-ons but at the end of the day I have a life and if I went through all of them i’d become known as a hermit. Thats why I stuck with the ones that were easiest to access.

To Install White cream on kodi 17:

  1. Open Kodi Device.
  2. Make sure you enable Unknown Sources (Addons-Settings  Enable Unknown Sources)
  3. Now back to Home Screen
  4. Select Settings Button
  5. Select File Manager
  6. Now choose Add Source
  7. Type the following exactly http://dimitrology.com/repo
  8. Select the highlighted box underneath and type Dimi
  9. Select OK
  10. Back to Kodi Home Screen
  11. Select Addons
  12. Select the Addon Browser button
  13. Click on  Install from zip file.
  14. Select the file labeled Dimi
  15. Select the plugin.video.dimi.zip
  16. Wait for notification the plugin has installed
  17. Go back to home screen
  18. Select Program Addons
  19. Select Dimitrology TV Wizard
  20. Now you will be asked for a code for the wizard.
  21. To get the code please click HERE
  22. Quickly write done the code and leave the website
  23. Go back to Dimi Wizard and select settings button, then type the code in the box and click OK.
  24. Select Install/Update from wizard option
  25. Select XXX adult pack
  26. It will ask you if you wish to proceed click YES
  28. The next pop up screen has two options FULL or OVERWRITE.
  29. If using a build and you don’t want to lose anything select OVERWRITE
  30. If you select FULL it will wipe everything.
  31. Select the option you require and next click YES
  32. The adult addons will start to install
  33. Depending on what build or skin you used prior it will look like that’s gone, but don’t panic.
  34. Select Settings Button
  35. Select Interface Settings
  36. Select Skin
  37. Now select the skin you used previously before installing the wizard.
  38. Now it will ask if you would like to keep the settings click YES
  39. Go to Video addons- select TITAN XXX
  40. In here you will see over 20 of the best Adult section you will find a huge selection of the best adult addons for kodi


I hope this blog has helped guide you to the Kodi adult add-ons you want and I hope you found the install guide easy to follow. And remember these are my opinions (and hers), not influenced in any way by any developers or anyone in the Kodi Community. If you have any questions or comments please either tweet me or leave a message below. Thanks.









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  1. Hi there I’m very new to kodi, just had it installed on my Amazon box. I started to follow your thread above and found I already had fusion. I’m not sure if my kodi is different t or newer or something but my menus aren’t the same, I managed to find in maintenance, file manager in which the screen is split in two. A root and b root. I click fusion on the left side, repository, xxx adult, repositorywhitecreamzip, then I have added.xml and icon.png I click adding.xml and it does nothing. Have tried exactly the same on the right hand side (b root) and is the same. Any ideas?? Great thread by the way mate

  2. So, is there some “search” tool or app for kodi to apply a search to all porn addons and list the results for all the addons?
    Would’t that be usefull?

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