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How To Install Community Builds On Your Kodi Device

How To Install Community Builds On Your Kodi Device

Well today we are going to show you how to install a community build. For those of you that don’t know about community builds, it’s become ever more popular that kodi users are creating their very own custom setup and sticking it online for everyone else to use as-well, true community spirit at it’s best.

So for example, check out this kids community build….

2 3 4

Looks pretty cool right?

So, fancy trying a build out? Follow our guide below….


STEP 1. Select system.

1 system

STEP 2. Select Add-ons.

2 addons

STEP 3. Scroll down and select Get Add-ons.

3 get addons

STEP 4. Choose TotalRevolution.

4 totalrevolutio

STEP 5. Go back to your home-screen and select programs.

7 programs

STEP 6. Hit TR Community Builds.

6 community builds

STEP 7. Select Install.

7 install

STEP 8. Go back to programs again.

8 programs

STEP 9. Select TR Community Builds.

9 comm builds

STEP 10. Choose Install Community Build.

10 install build

STEP 11. Press ok, you may have a pop up advert appear, click the x. (i didn’t register and it worked, you may have to)


STEP 12. Click the top option.


STEP 13. Here you get to choose your build.


STEP 14. Once chosen, your download will start along with instructions.


STEP 15. Now extracting.


You will now need to reboot your device and follow any other instructions you get. Different builds have different instructions.

Before you know it, you’ll have a awesome community build rocking on you device. We highly suggest signing up to the totalxbmc.tv forum in case you need further help or if you fancy getting your hands dirty in creating your own build.

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  1. Any other way to get this build in tr community it says it was banned I really would like this build for my kiddos firetv

    1. Hi, i guess the only way to get the build you require is either via the community build addon or try contacting the guy behind the build you want and see if they will send it to you.

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