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How To Install HDTV


  •  HDTV is one of the best subcription service available. Im making this because they do not advertise about there service. They are two great people that make this addon for us they will help out with any issue you may be having no matter what time it is. If you are interested in subscribing you can contact the developers via twitter here. And the Website here .
  • HDTV  Is Quality. Not only are the streams great in SD & HD quality they are 99.9% reliable.Nothing in life is 100% perfect
  • HDTV  has different packages of subscription available. From Monthly to Yearly.


The Packages available are

  • Sports Package
  • UK Package
  • CCAM Package
  • Full Package – Contains

1.Sports Package

2.UK Package

3.Greek Package

4.Greek Package

5.Italian Package

6. Portugese Package

This service will give you Direct access to a dish to UK SKY TV Service.

When you first start HDTV you will be get the following menu.

  • Movies On Demand
  • Tv On Demand
  • CatchupTV
  • LiveChannels
  • EPG /Listing
  • Services Extras
  • Settings


  • You can see whats on the channel with a live epg

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_17

  • In the live tv section you get several options of All Channels, Package, or Categories This makes navigation far easier when searching for a specific channel. IMG_3712IMG_3713
  • You get a good choice of moviesIMG_3714IMG_3715
  • Heres some images to show you the quailty you get within the addonIMG_3718IMG_3721IMG_3723 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_55


How To Install

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > File ManagerIMG_3698
  • Select Add SourceIMG_3699
  • Select NoneIMG_3700
  • Type the following http://repo.mbox-addon.com/mebo/ and select DoneIMG_3701
  •  Enter a name for this media Source, type Mbox & Select OKIMG_3702
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select SYSTEMIMG_3703
  • Select Add-OnsIMG_3704
  • Select Install from zip fileIMG_3706
  • Select MboxIMG_3707
  •  Select plugin.video.hdtv.zip.IMG_3708
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notificationIMG_3710

HDTV Is Now Installed

IMG_3308Made By @kodi_mad














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