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How To Install Mobdro on Kodi

Install Mobdro On Kodi

How To Install Mobdro on Kodi

PLEASE READ: Currently this is not working and we are working on finding a solution, there is an apk option but reading on reddit many have mentioned mal ware issue. So we would rather not advise our users to install that way, when we find an alternative method we will post for you all. If any of our users find a new method before us that’s safe to use please email us e would be very grateful.

The famous Android app Mobdro has finally arrived on the Kodi scene.


Mobdro has a vast collection of live tv channels ranging from sports to entertainment to tech to movies. It’s one of the highest popular rated android apps on the market.


Most playback is in SD but as you can see above you do get the occasional HD streams. This  is well worth a install if your looking for a great TV add-on to use.

STEP 1. Highlight system.


STEP 2. Drop down and select File manager.


STEP 3. Now hit Add source.


STEP 4. Enter the following and press done.


STEP 5. Now name it repo and hit ok.


STEP 6. Head back and select system again.


STEP 7. Now drop down and select Add-ons.


STEP 8. Now Install from zip file.


STEP 9. Select the repo folder you’ve created.


STEP 10. Choose the second zip file.


STEP 11. Now choose Get Add-ons.


STEP 12. Drop down and select AH Add-on repository.


STEP 13. Now Video Add-ons.


STEP 14. Choose Mobdro


STEP 15. Hit Install.


STEP 16. Head to your video add-on section where you can now start enjoying your new add-on.


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  1. I’ve tried all this even Israel version but when I go to open any of the channels all I get is an error message I’m on windows 8.1 with kodi 15.1 with fusion downloaded and working just like to add mobdro to kodi instead of on android any help I’m stuck

    1. I was talking to @Mobdrocom on Twitter they sounded like bunch of kids and told me they disabled mobdro plugin for Kodi because they don’t like it.

  2. I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Once I opened it I got error message also, I went back and uninstalled the add on know it wont download it again.. Im running Kodi 15.1 on windows 10.. I also need help

  3. You guys will have to sideload the app onto the firestick itself. Mobdro currently does not work on Kodi/XBMC since there latest update.

  4. Guys, I successfully installed Mobdro on Kodi but it got some errors like ” Video Not available” or “Check Internet connection”. Then I’ll again be looking for those errors, Thank god, I can find one blog about Mobdro. Maybe its official blog has a look here- http://mobdroappdownloads.com/

  5. These are very nice steps and works most of the time. But it doesn’t work on many of the medium such amazon fire tv and Raspberry Pi2 with OSMC. My friend suggested me to visit Mobdro for Kodi post on http://mobdrodownloadapp.com. They have explained all things in detail. I got meaningful insights from that page. If you want solution, do have a look

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