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How To Install Speedtest.net On Kodi

Install Speedtest.net On Kodi

How To Install Speedtest.net On Kodi

You know everyone’s favorite speedtest tool Speedtest.net , well it’s arrived in the community and we are going to show you how easy it is to install on your device.

Speedtest.net has long become a household name when checking your speeds whether it be your wifi or cellular speeds at home or out and about. Speedtest.net is available on every Operating system whether it be android or iOS, so once we saw this available of Kodi it wasn’t too much of a shook, because it more of ‘when’ this would of happened, so today is the day.


Simply select the ARNU Box Speed Tester add-on and your speed-test will now start….


It will even ask you once the test has finished if you would like to save a copy of your test.


So let’s show you guy’s how to install this speedtest add-on on your device. Before we do I would like to point out that I’ve tested it on a Amazon Fire TV and a windows running machine and both worked great.

STEP 1. Download the required zip file here and keep accessible to your device, now select system.


STEP 2. Drop down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now select Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Locate where you saved the file.


STEP 5. Once found please select, it will now install on your device.


STEP 6. Go to your home-screen and hit Programs.


STEP 7. You will now see ARNU Box Speed Tester (Speedtest.net) ready to use.

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