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How To Install Sportsnet on Kodi

Install Sportsnet on Kodi

How To Install Sportsnet on Kodi

Yes that’s correct, you can now install the Sportsnet Now Kodi add-on on your device completely free using your current credentials.7

The Sportsnet Now Kodi add-on was literally just released a few hours ago to the community and by the whispers we’ve heard, it seems that this is a long overdue add-on that many users have been waiting for.

Sportsnet Now allows  customers who have sign credentials to get you 24/7 live access to all Sportsnet feeds, this is something that will prove a big hit for Kodi users knowing they can play all this via their Kodi device whereas before it was via a app or via a URL.

Unfortunately we are unable to test the 24/7 streams you get as… 1) We are based in the UK and it may require a VPN. 2) We own the credentials required for this service. It would be awesome if users with the logins can give us some feedback on how well this add-on performs by dropping a comment below this post.

**You can click here to find out more about what credentials you require along with keeping up to date with this new awesome add-on**

So let’s get on with the install.

STEP 1. Download the zip file here and keep accessible, now select system on Kodi.


STEP 2. Drop down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now select Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Locate the folder where you saved the zip file.


STEP 5. Once found, select the zip file as it will now install on your device.

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STEP 6. Head to your video add-on section where you can now see Sportsnet Now installed.


STEP 7. If you hold login details, press ‘c’ or ‘menu’ to bring up the settings to enter them.


Like we mentioned before, any Kodi users that have these login details, it would be great to hear your feedback to pass onto the community on how well this add-on runs.

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    1. If you have account with the specified carriers. I left the link in the post to the thread that has info and more.

  1. This is just simply AWESOME! Thanks for doing this! Been waiting for this addon for months now! I tried my best trying to code it a while back but couldn’t get my head around the security handshake.
    Thanks again! FANTASTIC

  2. Hi, this works great on Kodi 15 but is this compatible with Kodi 14.2 (Helix)?
    Doesn’t seem to be – i’ve tried with two different devices (one iOS iPad and one Android box) running 14.2 and they both get script error.
    Is there anyway you can make it compatible?


  3. Addon was working great, but it won’t login anymore. I have the credentials correct, haven’t changed them, but I’m getting an authentification error. I’m assuming the addon needs updated.

  4. I downloaded it and it worked fine for 1 day now it’s telling me to check my log or something like that. Basically when I click to watch it nothing happens.

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