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How To Install TVONLINE 3.0 on Kodi

Install The Awesome TVONLINE 3.0 on Kodi

How To Install TV ONLINE 3.0 on Kodi

If your looking for a brilliant add-on the is all about TV shows, then we have found a cracker!


TVonline 3.0 covers practically all TV shows you can imagine, new, old and current. As you can see above you have various categories inside the add-on to easily navigate you to what your looking for.


Impressive right? Well once you get stuck in with all the seasons you can catch up on from your favorite TV shows you’ll not want to put the remote down.


Like the look of TVonline 3.0? Follow our install guide below and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

STEP 1. Make sure you have the Kinkin repo installed, if not follow our guide here, now select system.


STEP 2. Scroll down and select Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now select Get Add-ons.


STEP 4. Choose Kinkins repo.


STEP 5. Tab down and select Video Add-ons.


STEP 6. Choose TVonline 3.0.


STEP 7. Hit that Install tab.


Head back to your video add-on section where you can now start enjoying your newly added addition to your Kodi set-up.

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  1. When I click on genre and chose like say, documentary, and click on that, I get nothing, but the link to go to the next page, but there is still no list of shows. What might be the reason for this? I mean, I can click on Popular and see a list of shows, but not from genre.

  2. I can’t get anything when I click on genre, but can get shows when clicking on Popular. What might be the reason for this?

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