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How To Install The Beast Build With PIN & Which Version To Choose The Beast USA, 1.6 and Encore!

The Beast Build on Kodi

The below method no longer works if you have found our blog please click this link for new method click HERE

Also if you have Echo Wizard installed you can go to community builds in their as alterative method to installing The Beast Build on Kodi.

A simple video to help you out on how to install the Beast build on XBMC/KODI/SMC/SPMC and which version you should choose between The Beast USA, The Beast 1.6 and The Beast Encore by ChrisB.

Install instructions:

  1. Go to http://thebeast.pw/signup/register.php and register
  2. Then you will have to log in
  3. Write down the pin code
  4. Open KODI
  5. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  6. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  7. Enter http://thebeast.pw/wizard/ and click DONE
  8. Enter the name Beast and click on OK
  9. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  10. Select ADDONS
  12. Select the red icon labeled Beast
  13. Select plugin.video.beast.zip
  14. Go to PROGRAMS
  15. Select The Beast Wizard
  16. Enter the PIN code
  17. Select the preferred version, in the video you will find the difference among the three versions
  18. The wizard will download and extract the files and if you are on windows will autoclose KODI, If not, unplug the power cable. Plug it in back again and
  19. Open KODI, you have installed the BEAST build!


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