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How To Install MD Watchseries on Kodi

Install MD Watchseries on Kodi

How To Install MD Watchseries on Kodi

How to install MD.Watchseries this is awesome, are you a TV show addict? Well, you’ll wanna grab this Kodi addon after we’ve shown you how cool it is.


Once you open the addon you’ll be greeted with the various categories as you can see above, here you can pick and choose where you want to go, our favorite has to be the TV Schedule….


Like so many of use, we tend to miss our favorite shows either because we are working or simple forgot to record it. This feature on MD.Watchseries solves these issues.

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So if your the type of person that loves their TV shows, this addon is a must install for your set-up.

STEP 1. Make sure you have the Mucky Ducks repo installed, if not you can follow our guide here to install, now select system.

STEP 2. Now tab down and select Add-ons.

STEP 3. Scroll down and choose Get Add-ons.

STEP 4. Select the Mucky Ducks repo.

STEP 5. Now choose Video Add-ons.

STEP 6. Select MD.Watchseries.

STEP 7. Hit Install.

STEP 8. Head to your video addon section where you can start enjoying your newly added addition to your Kodi set-up.


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