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How To Install Minecraft Build For Kodi

Install Minecraft Build For Kodi

How To Install Minecraft Build For Kodi

Good news for Minecraft fans….there is a awesome Kodi build just for you!

I’m personally not a huge fan of Minecraft but this build that is based on it is phenomenal and will be a very popular with Minecraft fans in the community.

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I spent a good few hours using this Minecraft build on a Amazon Fire TV and it ran silky smooth without issues, one main thing to look into when installing any build is what add-ons come with it. Like ‘Skin’ builds, these don’t come normally with add-ons, it’s just the skin that has been customized, so with actual builds they do come with add-ons.

Minecraft build has all the top add-ons and a few that surprised me that I don’t personally use so that was a bonus for em to find.

What you must also take in to consideration when install builds on your device is that the creator keeping up to date with updates, there are many build creators that don’t update their stuff and lead users in to the area of broken add-ons when the add-on dev pushes updates and so forth.

You can keep up to date with the Minecraft build by joining their facebook page here.

Like the look of the Minecraft build? follow our easy guide below to get set-up with ease.

STEP 1. Make sure you have the Brettus repository installed, you can follow our guide here. Once installed head into your Program section and select Brettus Builds.

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STEP 2. Choose the Minecraft Build v2.


STEP 3. It will now start downloading the build on your device.




STEP 4. Once downloaded it will now extract the file.


STEP 5. Hit ok.


STEP 6. Select yes.


Once you re-boot your device you will now have the Minecraft custom build installed.

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