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How To Install Royal We On Kodi

Install Royal We On Kodi

How To Install Royal We On Kodi

With the great Genesis add-on seemingly not being updated recently and whispers in various forums and sites suggesting it may be the end of this giant of an add-on, there are also suggestions that The Royal We add-on could be the one to try and take its place. Of course this would be a gigantic feat and could take a long time to build up the content and to attract the amount of users Genesis has enjoyed.

Similar to Genesis the new add-on is also a multi-scraper add-on, sourcing it’s content from a huge amount of streaming video sites. The Royal We has been created by a very experienced developer known as Dudehere so it’s in good hands from the start.

  • In order to install The Royal We you will need to have the wonderful add-on installer set up first.
  • Use the easy to follow instructions in the link below to install Fusion on your device to get the add-on installer.



  • The add-on installer is something you will use over and over again, its a wonderfully simple way to find and install new add-ons to your existing collection.
  • Now after installing Fusion to get the add-on installer you need to follow the step by step instructions to install The Royal We add-on.
  • As you will see I am using the Custom TVMC build, easily installed using the configuration wizard also on Fusion. Most other builds will have an add-on installer already or you can put it on using Fusion as shown in the link above.
  • Click on your newly installed Add-on installer
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Screenshot (1)

  • Click on featured add-ons as below:

Screenshot (3)

  • Now find and click on The Royal We as below:

Screenshot (20)

  • Next click on install The Royal We:

Screenshot (5)

  • You will be asked the following, click on install:

Screenshot (6)

  • After a moment you will see the following, click ok, following that then return to the home screen:

Screenshot (8)

  • Go to videos and click on Add-ons:

Screenshot (9)

  • You will now see the message below, click next:

Screenshot (10)

  • you’ll be asked if you want to use the add-on in Basic mode or advanced mode, I would recommend Basic, then click next:

Screenshot (11)

  • You will now be asked if you want to set up a Trakt TV account. If your a Trakt user follow the on screen instructions, if you don’t want to set up a Trakt account the add-on will still work fine without one, click next:

Screenshot (12)

  • If you are a member of Alluc or Furk follow the on screen instructions and enter your login details. If your not just click next:

Screenshot (13)

  • After pressing the finish setup button a really annoying dancing man will appear, press close as quick as possible to get rid of him. Now your set up and ready to go and enjoy your new add-on.

Screenshot (14)

  • Below is the very neat home screen, easy to use and easy to navigate around. For example I have chosen movies to start:

Screenshot (15)

  • Choose between Genres, Trending or Popular:

Screenshot (17)

  • After choosing your movie you are presented with a huge list of sources to choose from. Pick one, sit back and enjoy the content available on your new add-on: The Royal We

Screenshot (18)

I hope you all enjoy this new add-on, and hopefully it can reach the dizzy heights of it’s predecessor, if so I know it will be an amazing add-on as the wonderful Genesis always has been. Maybe the developer Lambada will update Genesis, this would be great and of course you could still keep The Royal We and have two top add-ons crammed with amazing content.

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Till the next time folks, njoy Kodi and be good to one another always.

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  1. I love the add on. My problem is that I can’t add certain sections to my amber skin. When I try to add the movie section I get enable/disable scrapers. Is there a way this can be fixed to enable that feature. I like to have shortcuts for Amber skin.

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