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Install the speedway addon on your kodi device today, I knew that there was a add-on missing from the community and that hole has now been filled. It’s not everyone’s taste but Speedway is fast becoming and already is a awesome sport to watch for all ages.

We heard whispers over the last few weeks that a Speedway add-on was being worked on and I have a few friends and family how love Speedway so I was quick to give them a heads up.

Well, today is that day where the Speedway add-on is ready for you guys to install and enjoy!


The speedway add-on is fully loaded with everything you could possibly want as a Speedway fan. For those asking about live races, we are not sure that this is going to happen.


You can see above it literally covers everything including the awesome fight section, yes….you do get the occasionally fights 😉

All the playback quality ranges from 540p and upwards.


Before you follow our install guide, make sure you have the MetalKettle repository installed, if you haven’t you can follow our guide here on how to install it on your device.

STEP 1. Select system.

1 system

STEP 2. Choose Add-ons.

2 addons

STEP 3. Tab down and hit Get Add-ons.


STEP 4. Choose the MetalKettle Repository.

4 metal repo

STEP 5. Select Video Add-ons.

5 video adddons

STEP 6. Select the Speedway add-on.

6 speedaway

STEP 7. Hit Install.

7 install

Head back to you video add-on section where you can now enjoying your newly added add-on.

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  1. Thank you for the install guide. Live streams will not be included in the addon, however a info page will be added in time giving the following weeks live tv matches listing. Date, time, channel and match etc. Also in time we are looking at adding Grasstrack, longtrack, ice, indoor and cycle speedway. And new content will constantly be added, along with building up the past content as well. Anyone that has a video or ideas in mind that they would like added tweet @SpeedwayKodi and if we can find it, we will add it. Again, many thanks for the install guide.

  2. Can’t add the Metalkettle respository. I followed your instructions as above. When I got to ‘Get Add-ons’ Metalkettle isn’t listed nor can I find it in search. I’m using Windows. Is it a case of the repository not being available on this system?

    1. Hi Rob, you need to install the metalkettle repo. Under system in the main menu click file manager, then click add source on the left side. In the box that says “NONE” click in that box and type


      Then go back to the main menu. Then follow the instructions above with the pictures to install SpeedwayKodi. Andy

  3. Sorry forgot to add, after inputting the above information in the box, click done.
    Then click the empty box at the bottom and type


    Then click ok.

    Back to the main menu, system, addons, get addons, metalkettle,video addons, speedway.

  4. We must spread the word to all our friends that speedway is such a brilliant sport and insist they watch.Thanx for creating this great channel on KODI.

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