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How To Install The Expat AIO Wizard On Kodi

How To Install The Expat AIO Wizard On Kodi

Having a wizard to get you up and running on Kodi can be useful for many reasons, one obviously being that it will contain all the best add-ons, skins, maintenance tools and so forth that the developer thinks that are the best around and will give you a great experience on Kodi and another reasons is that it’s a ‘one click’ process and takes minutes, so if you either don’t have the time to get your own set-up up and running or you fancy using a wizard to make you life easier the Team eXpat wizard is a pretty good one to use.

As mentioned above, the Team eXpat Wizard contains some great add-ons, skins, maintenance tools and more, and we are going to show you how easy it is to install on your device.

STEP 1. Make sure you have the eXpat repository installed before we proceed, if not follow our guide here. Once done select system.


STEP 2. Drop down and select Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now choose Get Add-ons.


STEP 4. Scroll down to the eXpat repository and select.


STEP 5. Choose Program Add-ons.


STEP 6. Select Team eXpat AIO Wizard.


STEP 7. Hit install.


STEP 8. Go back to your home-screen and select Programs.


STEP 9. Tab down and choose the AIO Wizard.


STEP 10. It will now give you a brief description of what the wizard holds, select the back button to discard the message.

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STEP 11. You now have access to loads of goodies…..time for you to explore!


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