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How To Install The Wookie Wizard On Kodi

How to Install The Wookie Wizard on Kodi

New wookie wizard url please use and share with others thank you.

Install the Wookie wizard it is a brilliant tool to install on your Kodi device that gives you all the current and best running add-ons in the community.

Alot of people use wizards purely down to the ease of installing them and them not having the time to add the add-ons themselves. Well, the wookie wizard is a banger of a kodi wizard to use and I’ve been using it for a couple of days on the Droidsticks T8 device.

Fancy rocking wookie wizard on your device? Follow our easy step by step guide below…

STEP 1. Highlight system.


STEP 2. Tab down and select File Manager.

file man

STEP 3. Hit Add source.

3 add source

STEP 4. enter the following URL http://wookiespmc.com/wiz and press done.

STEP 5. Now name the url.


STEP 6. Press ok.
STEP 7. Follow the path: system>add-ons>install from zip then select the wookie folder.


STEP 8. Select the zip file, it will now install.

STEP 9. Head to your video add-on section and select Wookie.

STEP 10. Click Open

STEP 11. Select Install

STEP 12. Click install Wookie remember Wookie light is great for Amazon Fire Sticks

STEP 13. Navigate to what one you want to install from the three options and click Install

Step 14: Install will then start

Step 15: You are now ready to use the Wookie build enjoy 🙂



The Wookie wizard has you covered on every type of add-on you could wish for all in once build, leave the build to update for a few moments then you good to go. There’s a load of community builds now on the wookie wizard give them a try well worth it.

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    1. To clear data:
      Windows: Uninstall & check the box to remove profile. Then re-install kodi
      Android: Go to Settings/Apps/Kodi and click on “clear data”

      1. Why would you not just install fresh start rather than Un installing and reinstalling. Most builds come witg that installed and the ones that don’t have a repo with it in there

  1. i have wiped all my settings on my android player then. installed
    the new firmware for kodi .but cant find a configurator to fixe my problem
    hop you can help

  2. I had a problem with my android player
    so I wiped all of the stuff I had so I had to
    get new firmware. so I have kodi
    but cant find a configurator to put
    all my programs back in order any help will be great

  3. if I have kodi 15.1 if I add wookie on my source will it automatically do the updates all time or do you manually do them yourself

  4. Have installed the new Kodi but the World Profile thing has gone. All there is is the Kids one and an adult one, so now Im using basic and all the apps are under Add Ons instead of being nicely presented. How can I access the world profile again?

  5. I have droidsticks T8. When I did last update I have Wookie but no longer says Wookie Pro on screen. Have lost Sports Donkey and cannot access Phoenix TV or Torrent anymore. Ideas please.

  6. I have just purchased a droid box t8 I have tried to install wookie but an error message comes up that I have a connection problem,I have a bt router could this be the problem ? If so how can I get over it?

  7. Hiya I’ve followed your steps to install wookie but it won’t let me install from zip file please help its doing my head in I’ve rebooted and done a system restore still nothing .. thankyou

  8. loaded wookie re your instructions but need to get sharper picture on sports channels, has anybody found a way to do this??? if so can you explain the steps, thanks.

  9. I have downloaded the wookie wizard and add ons but when I click on the different add ons eg sports channels nothing loads please can anyone help ?

  10. I have a M5, I get all the way thru your instructions to vidoe add ons and you say select “kodi addons”… there is no Kodi.. there’s Apple Tv addons, X rated, XBMC keyboard, international, commuity build, Retro Wookie and New Look Wookie……. But no Kodi! Can you help please?

  11. When I click on Wookie in the video add-on it doesn’t ask me one the username and password. It does ask to re-boot at the end of the download either. Can anyone help ?

  12. Hi I have t8 ex droidsticks now wookie .
    When I enter wookie it says incorrect username and password try add on settings ,can’t find it …….also last week I messed up and now have as wizard intsteadnof wookie driver wizard …how do I delete as wizard and install wookie wizard again

  13. We’ve downloaded wookie but all the add ons have dissapeared; they’re still in the systems menu though, any one know how to return them to the front screen?

  14. I have installed Wookie, but now trying to add IPTV World, but there is no Settings option in “System”. How do I get in to Settings? Thanks in Advance!

  15. ive got the wizard, followed all the steps and didn’t ask me for user and password, downloaded and when was installing at around 20% just crashed and closes kodi as well… any help please

  16. I have successfully installed Kodi (and wookie) on an iPad but when I click the Wookie video add on it takes me back to the wookie wizard?

  17. When I try to install wookie in the droidsticks t8 i won’t install I either get a blank screen or a flashing red one. Can some one pls help

  18. I have just followed the install for http://wiz.wookiepmc.com when I got to install from zip and then select wookie folder. the folder in question did not exist.
    Also confused when it states follow path>system>add ons?? I am a pensioner with to much gin in me, therefore, grateful for guidance from anyone. Cheers Peter

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