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How to Install WWE Network on Kodi

How to Install WWE Network on Kodi

Install WWE network a very popular add-on on your Kodi device. This addon allows you to enjoy almost all types of WWE videos on Kodi in an excellent picture quality.

Before we start the tutorial, you will need login details to access the content! Lucky enough, you can grab a free month trail 🙂


Simply head to : www.wwe.com/wwenetwork to sign up today.



What you get on the website you get on the add-on, as it’s be scrapped. If your a wwe fan, this add-on is a must for you.

STEP 1. Download the wwe network zip file HERE.

STEP 2. Select system.

1 system

STEP 3. Choose Add-ons.

2 addons

STEP 4. Hit Install from zip file.

8 install from zip file

STEP 5. Choose the location where you saved the zip file. (How to install zip files on your kodi device guide)


STEP 6. Select the wee zip file, it will now install.


STEP 7. Head to your video add-on section where you will see your newly added add-on.


STEP 8. Press ‘c’ on your keyboard and select Add-on Information.


STEP 9. Choose Configure.


STEP 10. Enter your credentials.


You are now good to go and enjoy your wwe add-on. *Your device may require a reboot*

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  1. I have 1 question. If I had a WWE account why would I want to watch it on Kodi. That would mean I was paying to watch WWE on Kodi correct?

  2. Hi

    just followed this on my kodi box but for some reason even after reboot it hasnt worked, any pointers on what i might of done wrong?

  3. Hey, c

    an you help me with a problem? I got through the entire installation and this seems to work so far. When i open the addon i get a “Login Successfull” message, however, if then i want to click on “Watch live” it works for a few seconds and just says “Script-Error WWE Network”. Any idea what that might be?? Restart did not help.

    Besides that, very good idea you had with this Addon.

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