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How To Install Tuner Classic Movies on Kodi

Install Tuner Classic Movies on Kodi

How To Install Tuner Classic Movies on Kodi

Tuner Class Movies is a brilliant add-on from the official Kodi repository that gives you access to some of the great old classics.


You’ll be also happy to know that most of the content available is in 720p resolution!

One issue using this add-on is that you will need a VPN pointing to the USA for this to work, this being a little disappointing as we could see this add-on being very popular worldwide and can’t see users buying a VPN just for this add-on, saying that using a VPN for Kodi is something we highly recommend having.

If you enjoy some of the classic movies from back in the day, follow our guide below on how to get this up and running on your Kodi setup in under 5 minutes.

STEP 1. Select System.


STEP 2. Drop down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Now Get Add-ons.


STEP 4. Choose the Kodi repo.


STEP 5. Tab down and select Video Add-ons.


STEP 6. Find TCM and select.


STEP 7. Hit the install button.


Head back to your video add-on section where you can now start enjoying some good old classics on your Kodi device.

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