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How To Install Vevo Music Videos on Youtube

Install Vevo Music Videos on Youtube

How To Install Vevo Music Videos on Youtube

Another superb add-on from Coldkeys, this time for Music Video lovers. There are thousands of music videos from Vevo. They are all set in Playlists so will change constantly according to the latest comings and goings.

To install you will need Husham Repository. You can find a guide for download and installation here.

Once downloaded please follow guide below.

Step 1. Select System.


Step 2. Select Add-ons.


Step 3. Select Install from Repository or Get Add-ons. (Dependent on Kodi version).


Step 4.  Select Husham.com Repo.


Step 5.  Select Video Add-ons.


Step 6. Locate and select Vevo Music Youtube.


Step 7. Select Install.


Wait for Add-on enabled notification.


Step 8. Return to Home Screen, select Video locate Vevo Music Videos and enjoy some great Music.


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