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How To Setup Playlist Loader on Kodi

How to setup playlist loader

How To Setup Playlist Loader on Kodi

How to setup playlist loader for kodi, want to rock your own IPTV list on your Kodi device? but you think it’s hard to do? …..This is where you are wrong!

Setting up IPTV TV channel lists on your Kodi device couldn’t be any easier. There are many benefits on having your own list, one mainly being it’s YOURS! and that you have complete control over it. No more waiting on others, it’s time to learn and create some awesome lists of your own.

So for example, here is my list that I keep for myself.


The best thing about creating your list is that you can put whatever you like together, so if your hot on sports, make a sports list.

So for this tutorial, we are going to be using Playlist Loader, I feel that this gives you the best and easiest way to import and play lists. Follow our guide below on how to install on your device, all playable files must be ‘m3u’.

STEP 1. Install the SuperRepo HERE.

STEP 2. Select system.


STEP 3. Scroll down and hit Add-ons.


STEP 4. Choose Install from zip file.


STEP 5. Choose the SuperRepo repository.


STEP 6. Select Video Add-ons.


STEP 7. Find Playlist loader and select.


STEP 8. Hit Install.


The Playlist Loader add-on will now of installed on your device and be under your Video add-on section, let’s head over there and start building your channels.

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STEP 9. Select Add a new list.


STEP 10. We need to name the list first. Choose a name and hit done.


STEP 11. For the tutorial let’s choose New remote-list.


STEP 12. Enter in the URL you have found and hit done.


STEP 13. Select your newly added list and start enjoying.


The following websites are a good start to look for IPTV streams:

Pastebin.com (use search function; type: Sports M3U as a example)

Facebook – There are many groups with IPTV streams freely available.

Freeiptvlinks.com – plenty of free links for your personal use

Sourceinfo.com – plenty of free links for your personal use

So above are a few to get you started, but also don’t forget Google! A simple Google can get you where you need to be in no time.

Like all free things, some links that you may find may be broken, a tip is always to use the latest ones you find, these will be more likely to work. Good luck and feel free to drop us a comment below on how you got on and what IPTV channels you rock on your Kodi device

*TIP Never share your awesome lists, once you do, everyone will be using them, keep them private and enjoy at YOUR viewing pleasure*

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  1. I tried following your directions and could not add anything to my list. Some of the screen shots are different from my TVMC 14.2. What am I missing? I started at the top and worked my way down but saw several differences. Are you using a different super repo?

  2. I am trying to create a list using the local list option but when I get there it doesn’t give me the option to browse for my files in my external devices. It just has the option to select Program addons. What do I do?

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