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How To Test Your Download Speed on Your Kodi Device

How To Test Your Download Speed on Your Kodi Device

How To Test Your Download Speed on Your Kodi Device

How often we hear about users struggling to watch certain streams? We can understand how frustrating this can be especially as you think the media box you have is the issue or the internet could be you could start thinking it’s something else and you end up in a right mess.

Well today we are going to show you how to test your download speed on your Kodi device to determine what kind of streams you will be able to view with the speed you have of your internet.

With this test you will see exactly what streaming content you will be able to view, so having this checked will tell you for sure what and what you can’t stream. All streams are based on your speed, yes the odd occasion is that it’s the actual feed your watching that has the issue but more likely the speed of the internet you have is the problem.

STEP 1. Install the Total Installer repository, you can find our install guide here, now head to the add-on under programs.


STEP 2. Tab down and select Maintenance.


STEP 3. Scroll down and choose ‘Test My Download Speed’.


STEP 4. Read the instructions before proceeding further.


STEP 5. Now select a file size, it will now run a test on your internet line.


STEP 6. Once the test has finished, you will get your results.


Now you know exactly what you internet speed is capable of, happy streaming!

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