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How To Uninstall a Kodi Add-on

Uninstall a Kodi Add-on

How To Uninstall a Kodi Add-on

It’s all well and good showing you guy’s how to install some awesome add-ons on your Kodi device, but what about if you want to uninstall an add-on?

Some users end up with a cluttered Kodi device and are pulling their hair out that it’s too overcrowded with add-ons that either doesn’t work anymore or add-ons that they don’t use anymore.

At the end of the day, the end user can add as much as they like, but my philosophy has always been less is more. It’s all about quality over quantity, anyway, check our uninstall guide below on how to rid your Kodi device of unwanted add-ons.

Uninstall a Kodi Addon:

STEP 1. Select system.

STEP 2. Scroll down and choose Add-ons.

STEP 3. Next, we need to select Enabled Add-ons.

STEP 4. Select the category on where the add-on if you want to uninstall.

STEP 5. Find the add-on you want and select.

STEP 6. Simply hit the uninstall button, job done. This add-on has been deleted off your Kodi device.


That wasn’t so hard was it 🙂

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  1. Thanks for a easy walk through add on removal, being new to all this android stuff it’s good to know there is someone out there ready to help. Thank you.

  2. Hi iv just downloaded Wookie but it’s terrible it’s don’t let me use anything so looking to unusual it anyone know how to? I want to it to what it Was like before with my old data on?

    1. Hi,I tried wookie too&didnt like it&im new to all this kodi/Xbox thing,I cudnt get an answer on a couple of forums so I uninstalled the whole thing&went back&downloaded isengard15.2&put everything back in the way it was..now I simply use what I know works&story to keep it simple,there probably is a quicker fix but like I say know one answered me so I just did the only thing I knew would work..good luck anyway

  3. HI,
    I have installed genesis onto my raspberry pi titles appear but do not respond when selected. Any ideas please

  4. I am unable to remove an add-on (IPTV Stalker) as per above the uninstall option are greyed out any ideas how to remove?

  5. Hi i cannot uninstall on tap tv it wont let me,every i try ie uninstall,disable also the repositorys for the addon btut it still wont let me delete it . x

  6. Can not uninstall some addons,either grayed out or it says uploading available instead of uninstalling it. I have a kodi m8 tv box.

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