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Infinite TV Origin, Elegant Complete Build on XBMC Isengard 2016

Install Infinite Build Kodi

How To Install Infinite TV Build Kodi

Don’t think this one is currently work please try our other builds we know are working click HERE

The new update by Infinite TV Origin, updates the addons and resolves some minor issues. Very functional build for an awesome experience with the best of Movies, TV Shows, Live TV , Kids, Music and Sports! Definitely one of my preferred builds as it’s very clean and fast too!

Install Infinite Build Kodi:

  1. Always perform a FRESH START before installing any build
  2. Go to SYSTEM and select from the submenu FILE MANAGER
  3. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  4. Enter http://repo.iconsultech.uk/ and click DONE
  5. Select NONE and enter iConsultech, click on DONE and then OK
  6. Go to HOME once again and select SYSTEM
  8. Select the red icon labeliConsultech
  9. Donwload the plugin.program.ictwizard-X.X.X.zip
  10. Once the wizard has been downloaded go to HOME
  11. Select Programs
  12. Select iConsuTech Wizard
  13. Select Infinite TV Origin
  14. When the wizard has finished extracting the files, force close KODI by unplugging your power cable. Wait some secs and plug it back. Open KODI and…
  15. You have successfully installed the Infinite TV Origin build on KODI!


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