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How To Install NBCSN on Kodi Device

How To Install NBCSN on Kodi Device

How to install NBCSN and its Great news guy’s, it appears the awesome NBCSN Sports Live Extra Kodi add-on is back!!!

We saw near the end of the EPL season that the NCBSN Sports Live Extra Kodi add-on broke and was not going to be fixed anytime soon, but today we have the great news that it’s back and currently in beta.


A few things to consider at this time is; It’s currently in beta so don’t be surprised at the bugs you come across, we’ve heard no news on whether you’ll need a VPN as you did last time and lastly it appears you need a to have a login to access this add-on from either; Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Direct TV, Dish Networks.

We hope these questions above can be answered in the running up to the new EPL season so we can all get back to enjoy the season on your Kodi device.

Before we start, please download the new NBCSN zip file HERE.

If you need a VPN due to been geo blocked please click here https://kodicommunity.com/shop/vpn/

Here is how to install it on your Kodi device:

STEP 1. Select system.


STEP 2. Scroll down and choose Add-ons.


STEP 3. Hit Install from zip file.


STEP 4. Select the location where you saved the zip file.


STEP 5. Select the zip file.


STEP 6. Head back to your video add-ons section and you will now see it installed.


STEP 7. Press ‘c’ on your keyboard to bring up the configure settings. Here is where you will need to enter your credentials.

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I personally do not hold any credentials of the providers it requests for so I’m unable to test to content out yet. If anyone would like to send me some, please get at me on twitter: @iJ0rd8n

You can keep up to date with any further updates via the official GitHub HERE , we hope to see this up and running in time for the new EPL season which starts in August.


After using my VPN I could get all the free stuff playing 🙂




The EPL / PPV coverage will probably need to have the login details, but we can confirm once we know. But as far as the free stuff, feel your boots as long as you have a VPN enabled to the US. If you need a VPN due to your location in the world please click HERE

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