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How To Install SPMC On FireStick

install spmc on firestick

How To Install SPMC On FireStick

How To Install SPMC On Firestick Using ES explorer. SPMC is an alternative to Kodi on firestick, and it is also a fork of Kodi, and most people love to use SPMC rather than Kodi on Firestick, because it run better than Kodi on Android.

To Install SPMC on Firestick, we want to make sure we are allowed to install from app from Unknown unknown sources on the app.

Navigate to Settings -> System -> Developer Options


This will display a warning when switching this on, just click OK.

Installation Of ES File Explorer (If You Don’t Have It)

Go to the menu, and go to search, the search will display your virtual keyboard, from where you can search, type “ES”

The next window will show 2 categories “movies and Tv & App and Games” categories, click the right button to select the Apps and Games categories.

Select the ES file explorer as shown in the picture above to install it through the app store.

When that is done, the ES explorer will be under the App category in your menu.

Go ahead and open the ES file explorer.

Installation Of SPMC

Since Amazon blocked the download of APK file, we download the app as a zip file, which will be the file need for the installation.

In the left menu, click the Add button under favourite, this will open a pop-up to where we will Add our download.

Insert the URL; http://www.toptutorials.co.uk/firestick  in the path

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When you click on the path, you will have the virtual keyboard to insert the path link;

Click on Next after adding the link and it will appear in your path text box.

Give it any name you would prefer. When you finish, click on Add.

The new name you have inserted will now display below favourites, in this scenario, we are using “tt”. Click on it to open a web page

The webpage might be difficult to navigate, so in this scene, it is advisable to open your eyes while you use the cursor from the keyboard to navigate the screen, click the right, or down button to navigate the different links and button on the web page, and stop at the “SPMC for Android” link to download SPMC

This will immediately start downloading, when it is done, it will ask to open file or folder.

Click on “Open Folder” to open your different downloads. You can also see your downloads by going to your favourite menu on the left side of the screen and click on documents to see the downloads.

Press ok/enter on the zip file to open the apk file of your download

Press Ok to start the process of installation.

This will display a request message to install SPMC, with your remote, click on Next to start Installation.

There will be a progress bar displaying installation, and when this is finished, you will see the “App Installed” notification.

Click on Open to see SPMC

Also SPMC will be listed in App section of your program.

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