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How To Install Wookie LITE Build on any device: Firestick, TV BOX, Computer

How To Install Wookie LITE Build

How To Install Wookie LITE Build

One of the most popular builds is without doubt The Wookie Build. There are 3 different variants of the Wookie Builds: Retro look, The New look and the Wookie Lite, the last is also the most lightweight version which can run perfectly on any device even on the FireTV Sticks and low-end TV Boxes.

Install Wookie Lite Build

  1. Select from the submenu under SYSTEM, FILE MANAGER
  2. Double click on ADD SOURCE
  3. Enter http://wookiespmc.com/wiz  and click DONE
  4. Enter the name Wookie and click on OK
  5. Go to HOME and select SYSTEM
  6. Select ADDONS
  8. Select the red icon labeled Wookie
  9. Wait until KODI refreshes all the repositories and
  10. Select install from repository
  11. Select Click me – succumb to the Wookie.zip
  12. Once the addon has been enabled, go to HOME
  13. Go to PROGRAMS
  14. Select Wookie
  16. Select the preferred version, example WOOKIE LITE
  17. The wizard will download and extract the files and if you are on windows will autoclose KODI, If not, unplug the power cable. Plug it in back again and
  18. Open KODI, you have installed the WOOKIE LITE build!

    Below is a few screen shot of Wookie Lite Build hope you enjoy its packed with goodies to keep you entertained for hours. What we also like about the Wookie Build is they always keep them updated with the latest and best addons.

wookie-sports wookie-vortex wookie-tv-shows wookie-fitness

Hope you enjoy the wookie build 🙂

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