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Kodicommunity want to deliver a variety of fabulous content to our readers- and we know there are many of you with creative passions and talents of your own just waiting to be seen! If you have amazing ideas of your own, we would like to hear from you!

Kodicommunity always looking for people to write about their passion. If you are into Kodi (add-ons, themes, tips and tricks, VPN, DNS or anything Tech and want to share your experience with other users in the community then we would like to hear from you.

We don’t expect you to do this every day or weekly you can do it in your own time, below is a link to someone we asked to join us and blog at first I think initially impression is I don’t have a clue how to do this. But honestly it’s pretty simple to use the wordpress software and we are always here to help you along the way.

Don’t be afraid please get in touch by the below

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Thank you for your interest in KODI COMMUNITY. Please submit your details using the form below or e-mail us at admin@kodicommunity.com and we will get back to you promptly regarding your request.

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