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Keep Kodi Simple – real simple

The following is just my opinion, not advised by Kodi/Kodi Community or any other source.



So if ye wanna bitch to someone, bitch to me or contact any of my legal team, haha: @Aleighty80

(Originally posted November 8th 2015)

(Update posted January 27th 2016)

My reasons for originally begining this blog were simple, I had helped countless friends and family install Kodi on their various devices, only for them to call back at a later date to moan that this add-on won’t do this and this add-on makes shite toast etc! I find almost each and every time that they have molested their devices with so many add-ons and different builds the poor little devices just can’t take it. I understand not everyone is technical, believe me putting a blog together is pushing the limit of my own abilitys. I try to explain to them the limit of the RAM on their little devices, too most this is perfectly understandable and I explain how to KEEP KODI SIMPLE which is fine. But of course there are always the others that want to know “why can’t it do this and why can’t it make coffee” and also, “why is yours bigger than mine” and we both take down our trousers and compare, and this usually explains all, why my bigger ‘RAM’ works better than theirs!



So with all the above in mind, if in the future I am contacted because someone has molested their device I will send them a link to this blog and save myself a journey. And hopefully this blog may also help some other Kodi users that are newbies like my previously mentioned friends and family as all of us Kodi users once were. To the majority of Kodi users the following is pretty straight forward stuff but it may not have been the first time they tried to set it up. So if anyone you know is new to Kodi or are having problems and require help send them a link to this blog and hopefully it will help them to  KEEP KODI SIMPLEtvaddons_logo

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Screenshot (367)

My initial advice if your Kodi isn’t working as it should and you have somehow molested your device would be to wipe your Kodi and have a fresh start, you can do this by following the very easy to follow instructions in the link below. And of course if your just starting out with Kodi skip this step. Click on Fresh start below:




After following the easy to follow instructions above you will have a brand new shiny, empty Kodi ready to go and KEEP KODI SIMPLE! Now you need to install Fusion  again or for the new user for the first time. To do this follow the very easy to follow instructions in the following link. Click on Fusion Repo below:


Author of the two above blogs I have linked you too is Jordan Lawrence,. Thanks Jordan!


After installing Fusion then you want to use the Configuration wizard to set up your Kodi the easiest way possible.

1:First click on System then Addons and the on Install from zip file and then Fusion as below:screenshot0032:Then click on start-here as below:screenshot0043:Now you want to click plugin.video.hubwizard…..zip as below (This enables the cofiguration wizard):screenshot0054:Go into Programs click config wizard (This will configure Kodi with some of the most popular addons and repositorys):

screenshot0075: Now choose your operating system and click on it (This will configure Kodi with addonsfor your device):

screenshot0086:Now your Kodi is set up with the Custom TVMC edition and should look as below:

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Screenshot (357)

Screenshot (359)

Obviously your not going to want every add-on that is installed with the configuration wizard. You can easily uninstall the add-ons you don’t want to keep by pressing the menu button or ‘C’ on your windows device and scroll down to uninstall. And of course there will be add-ons you have heard of or will hear of that you want to get. A lot of these are very easily accessible from the add-on installer. Just click on video add-ons as you can see below and search for the add on you require.screenshot015


As well as the official Kodi add-on repository which is installed when you first set up your Kodi there are loads of other repositories that become available when you add Fusion as a source. So if you hear of an add-on your interested in just find out what repo it is in and more than likely that repo is available in the fusion zip file. To get to all these repos is very easy.

  • First of all you go to system/ add-ons/ install from zipfile and then click on xbmc-repos.Screenshot (364)
  • Next you then click english:Screenshot (365)
  • And then you see the huge amount of repos available:Screenshot (366)hqdefaultrepos
  • You click on the repo you wish to install then go back to install from repository and install whatever add-on you are after, simples! KEEP KODI SIMPLE


I’m not a big fan of a lot of the builds out there, most have far too many add-ons and they build for their own taste, thats why I always say the best build is your own build, it’s very easy to build on top of the tvmc custom build, if you want to learn more -CLICK HERE- for my very easy to follow step by step blog on how to create your own build. Have a look at the following image of what can be achieved very easily.DSC_0192

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As always I hope you enjoyed my simple little blog and I really hope it is some help to someone out there in the Kodi community. As anyone that knows me knows I enjoy helping people and have never looked for or asked for anything in return, my payment is thanks I receive from time to time on twitter where I’m always available to help anyone if I can or at least point them in the right direction.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if you have any questions or comments either tweet me or leave a comment below.










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  1. Such a refreshing read. Jesus I wish the rest of the world was so clear of mind and opinion. I am new to the Kodi world, am tired of all the bullshit of regular network systems (Bell, Rogers, etc……). Have been doing alot of reading over the last month or so to see the viability of Kodi and other similar systems. Just happened to stumble on your blog and it was like a major weight off my chest…………………….thanks for the words of “wisdom”……………..or should I say common sense.



  2. BRAVO! I am new to kodi and your efforts are very well welcome. I will follow your tips to arrange fot a simple, useful and personal build.
    Thank you very much indeed!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Carlo, I appreciate them more than you could ever imagine. I hope you enjoy Kodi as much as I do.

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