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KODIFLIX Build – A Whole New Era Of Builds On KODI

Kodiflix Build

How To Install Kodiflix on kodi

Install Kodiflix Build by Schism is a whole new perception of using KODI as your main mediacenter system: very easy to navigate and select a movie, tv show or a cartoon, complete family build for everyone! This is the best way into a unique and simple KODI experience.

How to Install Kodiflixs:

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Go to System and select File Manager
  3. Select Add source
  4. Enter http://schism-tv.net/repo/ and select DONE
  5. Highlight the box underneath > enter a name for this media Source > type SCHISM and select OK
  6. Go Back to Home Page
  7. Select System
  8. Select Add-ons
  9. Select Install from zip file
  10. Select Schism
  11. Select wizard_install.zip
  12. Wait for addon enabled notification on your screen
  13. Go to KODI home menu
  14. Select Programs
  15. Select Schism Wizard
  16. Enter the code you will find on http://www.schism-tv.net/code.php (Randomly generated every 3-6 hours)
  17. Select Programs
  18. Select Schism Wizard
  19. Select Install
  20. Select the build you want to install, reboot your device (unplug) plug back in and all done we hope you enjoyThe Kodiflix Build by SchizmTV is an excellent build, you can also simply switch the skin in settings > appearance > skin > choose which build you want to use. Moonshine/Atlantis/Serenity/Basix/Origins, how goods that hope you enjoy Schism.


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    1. Its a way of getting you to join their face book page, reckon they trying to make out its going to be the biggest and best page for kodi on face book, or why else would they do it.
      For example, I have installed it, and joined their group, well I have requested to join, and 5 hours later, I am still waiting. I have also left a comment on here about 3 hours ago, but yours is the only and same question that is here. So not only do they want you to join their face book group, to increase the amount of people, they also filter out any comments they do not like.

  1. well I have installed this build, and now waiting for a pin so I can take a look at it. I have joined the group, to get the pin, and I am still waiting to be accepted nearly 2 hours later.

    Will someone please accept me.

    2hours I have been waiting.

  2. Nice build but not a real “family build”. It looks repetitive because same movies in different sections. There is some missing sections especially about kids (just cartoons and no tv shows for them) and sports (european football e.g)as well. It is definitely a new and more effective way to enjoy kodi as a entertainment system. Looking forward to improvements, thank you.

  3. I have installed the build and really like it, but I have installed Addons and got confirmation, but they don’t show up anywhere? Can you help or tell me what I did wrong? Tu

  4. What is the official forum for this build? I have a small issue with the video codec info not displaying when watching a video and clicking on the ‘i’ icon. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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