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How To Install MDBox HDTV On Kodi

The following blog is my opinion, i am not receiving anything for doing this and am a full paying subscriber to this add-on. There are some very good alternatives available within the Kodi Community. This blog is screenshot heavy, it makes it easier to to show you rather than explaining in a million words.

Now we don’t do many blogs on subscription services, however i feel that MBOX HDTV warrants a mention. MBOX HDTV has been running just over 2 years with a customer base which is growing substantially. This is impressive since they do not advertise or offer any referral program. This is purely down to word of mouth, which is exactly how i heard about them.

MBOX HDTV equals Quality. Not only are the streams of great SD / HD quality they are 99.9% reliable (Nothing in this world is 100%). There Customer Service is second to none. The team of 2 will literally help out with any issue no matter what the time. Based on my personal experience the 2 behind this will stop at nothing to make sure your experience is as close to 100% as possible.

MBOX HDTV  has several different packages on offer with varying lengths of subscription available. Ranging from Monthly to Yearly.

  • Sports Package

HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_00_54 HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_01_25 HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_01_31

  • UK Package

HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_03_54 HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_04_00 HDTV - The Best IPTV for Kodi - Google Chrome 27_10_2015 16_04_06

  • Full Package – Included
  1. Sports Package
  2. UK Package
  3. Greek Package
  4. Italian Package
  5. Portugese Package


  • CCAM Package

This service will give you Direct access Via a dish to UK SKY TV Services [ This does not include SKY HD Channels ]

You Will Get BT Sports HD and FTA HD Channels.

This Service is open to anyone who knows how to use CCAM [But We Will Only Provide Support For Amiko A3 Users].

How about some screen shots:

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_28 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_39 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_55 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_51_18 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_52_11Kodi 27_10_2015 17_15_35

When you first start MBOX HDTV you will be greeted with the following menu.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_48_56

As you can see not only do you get Live TV but there are also some Video on Demand content available, including recent episodes of popular TV Shows.

Kodi 27_10_2015 16_24_56 Kodi 27_10_2015 16_25_32

Click on Live TV and you will get several more options.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_49_02

This will enable you to narrow down by either  All Channels, Package, or Categories.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_49_13

This makes navigation far easier when searching for a specific channel. Its then just a case of picking a channel. Dependent on your settings you will get asked whether you would like SD or HD version. You can eliminate this by overriding in the settings.

Another nice feature is the What’s On Now which appears against each channel, which is particularly handy when channel hopping.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_50_17 Kodi 27_10_2015 14_53_02

I know the Developers Rob and his Fiancee are continuously improving the service and Rob is currently working on a EPG which should be released shortly as well as a ton of new channels.

People this is one hell of a IPTV service. Great content, Great Service, Reasonable subscription cost (1 large take away pizza per month for Uk). So how do we install? Please follow guide below:

Step 1.  Select System then File Manager.


Step 2. Select Add Source.


Step 3. Select None and enter the following http://repo.mbox-addon.com. Then enter MBOX as source directly below and select OK.

Kodi 27_10_2015 17_26_24

Step 4. Return to Home Screen select System.


Step 5. Select Add-ons.


Step 6. Select Install from Zip.


Step 7. Select MBOX.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_44_58

Step 8. Select plugin.video.hdtv.zip. Then Ok.

Kodi 27_10_2015 14_45_06

Then wait for add-on enabled notification.

Step 9.  Return to home Screen and select Videos and then HDTV. Now enjoy a superb add-on.

If you are interested in subscribing you can contact the developers via twitter here. Website here .



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      1. Cheers for the reply mate. I don’t actually use social media myself.
        I’ll get my son to pop into thier Facebook page and I’ll have a little look.

    1. I’m not aware of alternative options of paying, but to be honest it only takes a minute to register for Twitter and it’s completely free to do so. You aren’t obligated to continue using it and you can use a fake name and stuff. When you contact the people behind it through direct messaging, the process is straight forward and afterwards you don’t need to touch Twitter.

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